A Very Positive Event

There’s no denying that I love a moan….

Neighbours – bicycles – dogs – my children – other people’s children – nothing escapes the scratchy Virgoan eye of ‘The Mothership’ –  how I’m referred to by my kids!

So for once I’m delighted to share some info about a FAB event I was invited to – and what a wonderful time I had.

Bearing in mind that (and I’m very cool about this) I’ve been around for a few years, I’ve had the often great misfortune to have attended many events – charities – proms – weddings – passing out ceremonies – falling in ceremonies – you name it – I’ve been there!

Many of these have stuck in my mind despite my best efforts to forget them – for the sheer awfulness of the evening!
Now I won’t go on (oh I bet she does I can hear you thinking) but often the  people I’m forced to sit next to at these things are so boring!

I’m always next to a man in his 60s – and I can guarantee the entire evening would be spent with him –  talking about himself! It seems that generation were never taught to see women as anything other than a sounding board for themselves – so dull!

I was seated next to a fitness model – I KNOW – how lucky was I?

By the end of the night I’d know where he was born/his wife’s mothers name/the sex of the family dog/and where he liked to holiday; but he would have absolutely no idea who I was – because he never actually cared and never had the manners to pretend he did!

SO (rant over) on Thursday I attended a charity event raising awareness for HIV Visibility, hosted by the loveliest chap Philip Christopher Baldwin.

Christopher was diagnosed with HIV in 2010 at the age of 24 at a routine lunch break appointment at his local clinic. Initially shocked as he had experienced zero symptoms, over the course of the next few days the terror and emotional turmoil of his being diagnosed had a profound and understandable affect.

His autobiography ‘Positive Damage’ describes the journey by which he came to terms with his HIV. He has a piece online called Positive-Damage: HIV and the City – which will be of interest to many I’m sure.

Philip talked about his journey, and a charity close to his heart  – East London’s HIV charity which offers support for individuals and communities affected by HIV.

Anyway – all in all we had the very best night. I was seated next to the heavenly 27-year-old Callum Melly – a fitness model, writer and PT  – I KNOW – how lucky was I? Makes a change from the old days! He got over the fact I am ancient and occasionally inappropriate immediately (well almost) and we had such a laugh!

Being a 27-year-old – a total gent – he gave me a lift  back to the flat and waited while I struggled to find my keys – unlock the door and get safely inside. And do you know – to this day – I still don’t know his mother’s dog’s name!

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