Making It Through The Menopause

menopausal lady

“Apparently you can save a fortune on your heating bill” Finty remarked in a way that suggested she had discovered an alternative fuel source to rival middle east oil supplies.

“Really” said Jane as she looked around furtively, just in case there were any clandestine agents listening to their conversation.

“So what’s the secret”

“Menopause darling”

Ba dum cha……

The truth is menopause is no joke, in fact for many women it is accompanied not only by hot flushes, but also bouts of depression. Usually starting between the ages of forty-five to fifty-five, its arrival is as welcome as your monthly cycle.

The psychological impact comes from the realisation that it marks the end of your fertility, and though it does mean the end to the monthly stomach cramps, there is something deep rooted in the connection between being fertile and femininity.

It can be a confusing time – how do you know when it’s started?

Irregular periods can be one of the first signs, but as with any health concern never assume and when in doubt seek medical advice, if for any other reason than to seek reassurance.

Hot flushes which can last for seconds or minutes, and will arrive with the most inconvenient timing, creating havoc in your perfectly balanced routine.

This is when you also discover that the muscle aches you are experiencing are not from your marathon treadmill excursion, which by the way, you are feeling rather proud of because James the Adonis of a gym instructor said you were looking good, but actually another symptom of the menopause.

Oh and those heart palpations and tender breasts, which you swear were the result of James noticing your new gym body as you start feeling dizzy with excitement, yes you guessed it, menopause not love.

Horses sweat and women glow, at least that’s what my mother told me, so expect a lot of glowing ladies, because this is yet another lovely symptom you can expect.

It’s also time to up your moisturising and hair conditioning regime, because both your hair and skin will become dryer, which means your skin can also become itchy.

The change in hormones can also affect your libido and though James still has a toothpaste smile and a six pack, the thought of a beach with palm trees and his seductive touch, suddenly don’t feel as appealing as a Prosecco and a night in with the girls, or god forbid the snore monster.

Loss of bone density called osteoporosis is yet another result of hormone changes associated with menopause, so it’s going to be important to look after your bones.


Now I have delivered the delights of menopause, I think it only fair to give you some good news. Mother nature has some answers and I would like to share them with you.

Moderation is the key, so when your acid levels rise as the result of consuming spicy food or drinking too many fizzy drinks or even tea and coffee, your body will naturally seek to bring your acid levels back into balance. One of the ways it does this is to leach essential minerals from your bones such as calcium. Therefore, it’s prudent to cut down on the amount of acid forming drinks and foods that you consume.

There are certain exceptions to this rule though, for example avoid orange juice, but you can still have lemon and lime, these convert to an alkaline.

Rather like James your Adonis gym instructor, he looks great, but will play havoc with your bones.

Light compound exercises are good as they will also help to maintain bone health, it’s amazing how much exercise you can do buying a new hand bag.

I would also suggest a good multi mineral as an insurance policy, as I know very few people who eat a perfectly balanced diet.

Getting all your nutritional requirements from food would be a lovely, but the sad truth is the depletion in mineral content in food since 1940, due to intensive farming methods, means in my opinion supplementation is essential. Think of it as your smoked salmon blini to your champagne, one would not be the same without the other.

Not only does Mother nature know best ladies, but “YES” so does your mother. I know you have reverted to that child being told you can’t leave the table until you have eaten all your vegetables, but fruit and vegetables are important in supporting this new transition.

There is another rule however, after all where would life be without rules. When you eat fruit, leave at least half an hour before you consume any carbohydrates or protein. If you consume protein or carbohydrates, leave at least four hours before eating fruit.

This is because when you consume the two together the fruit will ferment in your gut and this will affect your digestion and acid levels. There are many more tips and suggestions I could give you on this vast subject, but let’s start with baby steps.

So may I leave you with a lovely thought “Shirley Valentine” If you don’t know what this means you are too young to even be thinking about menopause.

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