YES! Chocolate Can Burn Fat – FACT!

Workouts, running, dieting…….all how you burn fat, with no fun stuff at all right?  Wrong!

What you eat can help burn fat faster, and we are delighted to tell you that CHOCOLATE is one of those foods!

The chocolate has to be at least 70% dark chocolate & the higher cocoa concentrate the better – 85% is our favourite as it’s smooth and rich with a sweet bitter twang (Green & Blacks – hello!)!

chocolate smoothie

Ideally to take advantage of cocoas fat burning potential you should be substituting your Dairy Milk for cacao rich foods such as 100% raw chocolate or raw cacao nibs which are rich in natural raw cacao!

Any food product that is derived from cacao beans can be referred to as cacao, for example the nuts & seeds of the cacao tree which can then be used to produce cacao paste, cacao butter, cacao nibs & of-course cacao powder, all of which are “raw” products.

The real difference between cacao & cocoa is the “production process”; cacao products are served either in their complete raw form such as cacao nibs, or by cold pressing unroasted cocoa beans to produce raw cacao powder.

The cold pressing process naturally preserves the living enzymes in the cocoa & removes the fat (cacao butter).

Despite the similar appearance, cocoa powder is raw cacao that’s been roasted at extremely high temperatures which completely changes the molecular structure of the cocoa bean, which naturally reduces the health boosting enzyme content & overall nutritional value.

Here’s what to choose to really maximise your metabolic benefits:

Raw Cacao

– Cacao is rich in anandamide which is known as the “bliss” molecule which can naturally boost your mood & create a sense of euphoria.

–  Sex is one of the most effective ways of burning calories, plus it’s enjoyable! Cacao is rich in PEA or phenethylamine, which triggers the release of endorphins and pleasurable opium-like neurochemicals which can act as an aphrodisiac as well as increase libido.

– Cacao can also boost serotonin levels in the brain which is another feel good chemical; these chemicals can then boost brain calming hormones that can relax us if we are feeling stressed.

– Cacao is rich in flavanols which boast anti-inflammatory health benefits as well as complex antioxidants also known as polyphenols. Flavanols & polyphenols can protect against cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk of stroke, improve blood circulation, reduce “bad” cholesterol & prevent hardening of arteries.

– According to the Department of Nutrition at University of California, cacao thins blood and can prevent blood clots.

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