Janey’s November Letter: Hello Autumn Nights


So we approach Halloween – or All Hallows Eve  for the more particular. The clocks go back and we brace ourselves for dark and windy nights, and all the gorgeous things that go with that.

Log fires, candles.  Watching movies wrapped in cosy blankets….the dogs fight for prime position in front of the fire… in front of a tray of cheeses, red wine and champagne truffles.  Heaven.48791590 - wine archive in wine cellar, czech republic

I’ve never been mad keen on October.  Mercury is generally retrograde which affects us Virgo’s.  Things come to a bit of a halt which is maddening when you want to crack on…. and also –  it’s not near enough to Christmas to get excited and start making mince pies (not that I do you understand…hopeless at puff!)

In view of all that though, this weekend I intend to start November in style.

I’m off tonight to see the first show of the season – and then am planning an early escape to the country and the local markets to buy all the wonderful local stuff produced by individuals that actually care.
I’m not sure about you, but I’m beginning to struggle to buy surprise gifts for my kids that they might actually want.

Lets face it when you get older you actually know what you want – but it’s transmitting those ideas to another person – aka me – in a subtle way so they might think they’re actually theirs!

So for me now it’s all about lovely luxury gifts that they would never buy themselves and don’t actually NEED.

Even your least favourite person that might turn up and take you by surprise  is going to love some cashmere socks, so great to have a pair in waiting just in case – and if they don’t descend, then gorgeous…wear them yourself when you get Flu…will help you feel miles better!

Wonderful scarves and ridiculously silly baggy jumpers in soft seasonal colours – perfect for those days hiking around a frosty field, and ending up drinking sloe gin in the local pub.

I adore jokey presents too.  One of the things I’ve loved most about having kids is that no matter how old they are, you can still buy stupid toys and games fall about laughing when somebody forgets they’re wearing a tail while having a fairly serious political conversation.

So off I go then for round one!  I will keep you updated as to how I’m getting on and all the chaos of it all. If you get any ideas, then please write in and share them with us – we really need to pull together in this!

Tally Ho chaps…bring it on!

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