Janey Says – We’re Over Forty…And We’ll Party if We Want To

Drunk Women

I have a fondness for the Daily Mail, and as columnist myself (with Ask Jane here)  a sense of loyalty too. I have read it for years ( albeit sometimes secretly ) and whether you love it or hate it, it’s the paper that most people know the content of – although  it’s ability to infuriate is legendary.

This week however, I am angry at a small minded piece it’s published about three famous women – Madonna, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell who decided – well within their rights I believe – to have a night out on the town!

The paper has not only published unkind pictures of them, but accused them of ‘partying like teens’…so WHAT!.. And also stating their cumulative age – how rude!

In an era when ageism is a dirty word,  what can have persuaded a well known and reasonably well respected newspaper to publish such unkind and unnecessary drivel? Surely clicks can’t matter that much – who honestly cares?

What right have any of us got to say that because we are a certain age we are no longer allowed to go out and have fun – and yes maybe even try to forget for a while our age!

These three women look wonderful in my opinion.  They have had lives ….and more than their fair share of adverse publicity while doing things that ARE possibly wrong…so why in hell are they being punished for something so innocent!

I love a night out and I most certainly don’t intend to stop enjoying them because someone, somewhere decrees me too old to do so, and neither should anyone else.

Get a grip DM – I am loyal and I do have a fondness – but degrading older women who are having a laugh just isn’t on!

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