8 Secrets of the Body Beautiful (Just In Time For That Last Minute Slim Down)

You know when you look at those hotties in the gym, or walking down the street, or on telly and tell yourself you’ll NEVER understand how they did it?

Well Callum Melly, celebrity trainer and Fitness Editor is here to let you in on all their secret tricks and guess what? It’s not that hard!


1. Time What You Eat

Have a higher protein, higher healthy fat diet and only use carbohydrates (like bread or pasta) as an energy source first thing in the morning and post-workout.

So toast for breakfast (with nut butter, not jam) is ok, but replace sarnies at lunch with a salad.

2. Learn To Use Your Body Safely

As Callum demonstrates and recommends in his BODY IN 8 programme, www.bodyin8.com, the brace position will promote full ROM (Range of Movement) in a safe and effective motion which will reduce the risk of injury and maximise impact on the targeted muscle.

This is especially important for older women, who are prone to wear and tear in the joints.

3. Learn to Value Your Rest

As women, we’re particularly bad at allowing ourselves to take a break, but when it comes to working out, it’s critical not to overwhelm your boady.

4. Limit HIIT

HIIT Training – High Intensity Injury Training?

You might think that more reps, more work equals quicker results, but you’d be wrong. This is a trend being promoted by many which I personally don’t agree with, as it’s circuits training and not effective when done too often.

Even if you’re very fit, or need to lose a lot of weight doing the right amount of training is critical to ensure safe, lasting result

5. The importance of tracking your progress

Progress tracking is a great way to ensure you stay focused, motivated and hold yourself accountable for your actions (or lack of them!).

Callum recommends taking weekly photographs in the same place first thing in the morning, and also record your weight at the same time.

However, although we are looking for a reduction in weight from fat loss, lean muscle is denser than fat and therefore the best form of measurement is visual, from weekly photos.

You can also measure different areas of the body such as waist, arms, thigh, chest etc, with a measuring tape or callipers for body fat.

6. Priorise Your Sleep

It is essential to get at least 6 hours of sleep and ideally 8 hours of sleep a night to maintain our busy lifes and especially if you work out.

During deep sleep, natural human growth hormone is secreted in high dosages by the body and will promote lean muscle growth, that will give you a shaped, toned, lean body.


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