BLOOM Pear and Prosseco Cocktail

Pear Cocktail

Pears aren’t usually the first thing you think of when it comes to cocktails, but the sweetness and lightness of their juice can be the perfect cut-through for spicey, aromatic gin.


That’s why it’s become the hottest ingredient of choice for the hippest cocktail bars in town.

Couple with a splash of fizzy Prosecco for a deliciously heady, intoxicating tipple in seconds!


25ml BLOOM London Dry Gin
10ml pear juice
50ml Prosecco

Shake pear juice and BLOOM London Dry Gin with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass
Top with chilled Prosecco.

STYLING TIP:  Finely slice a pear, sprinkle with light brown sugar and either grill on high for one minute or toast with a culinary blow-torch, and slide onto the edge of the glass – yum!

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