Why are You So Tired?


If you have trouble getting to sleep, sleeping through, or waking up too early or suffering with no energy no matter how you sleep, there might be an answer.

Touch therapist Sarah Jones believes she has discovered what nature has long been telling us – that every organ in the body has a two-hour period of maximum activity, which means that when the organ is in its natural time period, it has greater energy than the others.

Sarah advocates learning  these times, becoming in tune with the bodies rhythms and allowing them to guide your choices around food, activity, and well-being to feel more energised.

She says that if you find that you have a dip in energy or feel worse at a particular time of the day, then this could be pointing to the particular organ, which falls into that time period.

For an example, the stomach is in power between 7am – 9am. This is the time that digestion is at its peak.

Therefore, the old advice “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper” is quite correct as breakfast is the time of the day when the body digests foods best.

If you feel particularly tired between 5pm and 7pm in the evening, your kidney energy may not be as strong as it should be.

Here is the full roundup of twenty-four hours via your organs:

Liver 1am – 3am

Lungs 3am – 5am

Large intestine (or colon) 5am – 7am

Stomach 7am – 9am

Spleen 9am – 11am

Heart 11am – 1pm

Small Intestine 1pm – 3pm

Bladder 3pm – 5pm

Kidneys 5pm – 7pm

Pancreas 7pm – 9pm

Blood vessels and arteries 9pm – 11pm

Gall bladder 11pm – 1am

If you look at the mid-afternoon slump, for example, it relates to the bladder.  This could suggest dehydration and overwhelm on our system. Instead of reaching for sugar or coffee, try water or mint tea and a five- minute mindfulness session.

Bigger changes often begin to occur approximately six to nine months before problems arises, we can pick up on particular stress signals that nature is providing.

Modern medicine is a miracle, but by listening to our bodies and baser instincts – the ones that tell us what we need and when, you could feel better, fresher and more awake without the need for more pills and treatments.

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