Effective Natural Remedies To Fade Age Spots

As we age we can develop brown pigmentation on the back of our hands,  face and shoulders, more commonly known as age spots or liver spots.

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It doesn’t matter your skin tone, or how well you take care of yourself, this benign darkening is the combined result of hormonal changes and exposure to the sun.

Of course, the key change you can make is to wear sunblock year round and cover up, but if you still develop the dreaded spots (boo) they can be treated.

There are various topical creams that you can apply to fade age spots, but there is credence given to recommendations from mother nature’s larder, handed down over the generations.

My first tip is to mix honey and yogurt together, which when mixed together this makes a kind of natural bleach (without the smell, or propensity to burn your skin).

I suggest one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of natural organic yogurt. Apply the mixture to your age spots and leave for at least 30 minutes, then wash off.

Do this once a day (this also works fabulously as a skin-brightening face mask, just reduce the time to 10 minutes max).

The next tip is a very old remedy, and once again uses natural ingredients.

Wipe your age spots with buttermilk. The reason this works is because buttermilk contains lactic acid, which will gently repair sun damaged skin by exfoliating the pigment.

Lemon Juice can do much the same, but wait till it dries before you go into the sun as it can increase sensitivity to the sun’s rays!

Do it once a day every day for a fortnight and you should notice a discernible difference!

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