Miranda’s Rumtopf

Rumtopf is German for rum pot. The rum pot, which is a tall, decorative ceramic pot is traditionally filled with ripened fruits of the seasons throughout the year, then topped with rum and sugar.


rumptopf1The Rumtopf was then enjoyed in the winter months to warm the soul! Rumtopf is a personal thing and recipes vary from region to region, house to house as they were made for families by families with recipes being passed down from generations.


I wanted to explore a quicker version as I can be a little impatient (as can many other foodies who just want it now)!

So here it is – a fresher version, still packed with loads of flavour, and more importantly, Rum!!

One slight extra (for the extra-quick version) … you will need a vacuum pack machine! 

Don’t be scared by this idea, I’m not going all ‘Heston’ on you.  These range from just £30 and can be used for all sorts of useful things such as compacting food for the freezer for extra space, cooking healthier and holding nutrition plus many more ideas… maybe that’s another article !

By vacuuming the fruit you take the oxygen away, concentrating the flavour. The vacuum process causes air and moisture to expand and rupture the structures of the fruit, so when you open the bag it may look slightly ‘cooked’ without loosing those lovely natural colours.

This method will allow the fruit to absorb the rum straight away!

If you don’t want to rush out and buy a *vacuum pack machine you will just have to wait a few weeks or months for the flavours to develop

*Chef tip –  put it on the Christmas list!  I promise, it isn’t a gadget you’ll leave in a drawer!


Lots of colourful fruit !

I used:




Pear, peeled and squeezed over with lemon




For the syrup

1 bottle of Rum (1litre)

500g golden granulated sugar


Take 2 sealable jars which hold 1 litre each

First to sterilize the jars. Turn the oven to 140ºC by washing with hot soapy water and rinse well.

Place them in the oven until completely dry. If using jars with rubber seals, remove them and place in freshly boiled water as the rubber can crack in the oven.

Mix the rum and sugar until the sugar has dissolved

Cut the fruit into even sized pieces, leaving the berries whole and place into separate vacuum bags. Pour one small ladle of sweetened rum into each bag then vacuum and seal.Let the fruit macerate for at least a few hours if not overnight.

Layer the fruit and pack it in well until about an inch from the top of the jar.

Top with more sweetened Rum until all of the fruit is covered then seal with a lid.

Pop it in the fridge or in a cupboard … it’s sterile so it doesn’t matter (although I prefer it cold and served with Vanilla ice-cream).

If you can bear to part with it, tie a ribbon around and give it to a friend or family member for a beautiful homemade Christmas gift .



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