Master the Smudge-proof, Budge-proof, Perfect Red Lip

Get the Screen Siren Look

No look is more desired for party style than the classic red lipstick look.  The beauty of this boldest of makeup styles is that it is one of the few that tends to look as fabulous on mature women, as it does on a young one.

perfect red lip

The Application

The trick is in choosing just the right red for your needs, and very careful application.

  1. Makeup artist Caroline Barnes recommends covering the lip in lip balm and wiping it off to ensure the lips are smooth and ready to pull in as much pigment as possible.
  2. Gently line the lips with a red liner, filling in the lip to ensure a “no-budge” finish. Start at the V of the cupids bow and take the liner right into the corner of the mouth
  3. Take a brush and fill the lips with one coat.  Hold a tissue over the lip for a second to blot and fill again
  4. Finish the edges with a little concealer on a fine brush to clean up

The Lipstick

Modern formulations are made to suit all women and depend on your needs.  Some of our favourites

The perfect matte – Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red, £23 is a ruby-red with little shine, perfect if you have quite full lips

The ultra long-last – Leighton Denny’s Ravishing Red Lip Dual, £12 has a lip-stain and rich lipstick for anyone planning on more than one mistletoe kiss

The uber-luxe lip – Like the soles of his iconic shoes, no one can ignore the stunningly vivid Rouge Louboutin Velvet Lip Colour, £65

The budget but brilliant one – Max Factor’s ‘Marilyn Monroe’ lip range, £7.99 each, come in four colours to suit all skin-tones

The classic red – Chanel’s Rouge Coco, £26 is a classic red, renowned on the red carpet for that perfect pillar-box pout.  The stylo is a great way to carry it in even slim purses for on the go touch-ups.

Final tip:  Try and find a red for you – often what looks great on your friend with black hair and fair skin, will look wishy washy against your cocoa skin and deep brown eyes.   Reds can be orange or blue toned so experiment with the most flattering tone!

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