Janey Says: Happy 2017

Well, it’s done!  2016 officially over, and all that’s left are memories – hopefully at least a few good ones for us all.

It was a significant year.  Many tragic losses and much unexpected change.  We were shocked and saddened, and at times really gleeful, and it’s with this feeling that I’m approaching  2017

This isn’t a conscious decision, but more a sense of inexplicable optimism that seems to be shared by many.

Despite the shocks of the festive season, people were happy and smiley today as I walked the dog.  Wishing everyone a happy new year, they appeared relieved to be starting afresh and were laughing in the cafe about all their new resolutions – and how this time they were definitely going to stick to them.

One was determined she was going to ditch the job and finally branch out on her own;  no time like the present – and what’s to be gained by delaying?

Another deciding that this was the year she was going to move house and finally get a garden or allotment of her own.  To stop waiting to find a man…and just get on and do it for herself!

One woman of about 80 said that she was going to take the Italian cookery course that she’d been promising her husband. Another laughing about writing her – no doubt slightly inappropriate – memoirs. She again was in her 70’s!

Now there’s no knowing if any of this will happen – but what was so heartening is the sense that anything at any age is possible and achievable.  The world really is our oyster – these days, at any age really.

Me?  I’m really excited about the new gym I’ve found that is SO close I have to walk further to get to my car. They run really modern dance classes – and also have an insanely wonderful sauna and spa area which I reckon I deserve.

Ted walking

(Ted’s resolution is, as always, to walk more, eat more and listen to me less!)

My resolution is to not put the good things off until I have time, but to prioritise – after all, the grot always gets done in the end, and what doesn’t get done isn’t going to kill anybody anyway.

Now I’m off to the sales to buy myself some new gym kit in anything but black – and to get some Bluetooth headphones too.   We all love a bit of music – and even if you can’t run on the treadmill – you can still have fun and look terribly cool – walking!

Happy New Year to you all – let’s see it for what it is and can be.  Fabulous!



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