Janey Says: The Secret is OUT!

Well – what a week!  Probably the greatest secret of my life is finally out and I can relax and enjoy it without fear of who’s listening!

Binky and Jane Felstead

As you probably know I am referring to the fact that my little Binks is pregnant.  People are obviously stunned at the news, but weirdly – I’m not.

If any of my children were to suddenly find out they were expecting a baby it seems obvious to me – it would be Binks.  Binks who was herself a huge surprise to me ( I had an IUD fitted ) her life has always been high energy, huge fun and a blessing.

I remember back to those days 26 years ago when I wasn’t feeling great.  When I went to the dentist and he asked if I was pregnant,  I replied:  ‘well I really doubt it, but I’d better not have the X-ray just in case’.

Buying a test en route home, I sat in the bathroom and really didn’t know what I prayed for.

My family was complete two children of a sensible age – we really had our life back on course – but the thought of another little person in my life was ( secretly ) thrilling.

Needless to say, the test was positive – and from that moment my world span as the planned future ebbed away and the memories of what was going to happen came flooding back.

I’m not a great one for planning – I prefer to be free to deal with life, as in my experience it can throw you a curve ball sometimes and it’s up to us how we turn those unexpected surprised into positives.

the thought of another little person in my life was ( secretly ) thrilling.

Binky’s life has brought us all the greatest joy.  Fun, exhausting, cheeky and charismatic – she popped quietly ( the first and last time she ever did anything that way ) into the world and has proceeded to exhaust and enhance the lives of everyone who knows her, and many who don’t.

So life goes on, and today as I sit tapping away at this computer I know that in a few months time a whole lot of new stuff will be happening – and the luxury of lying in bed with a laptop might be on hold for a bit.

I have found myself a wonderful flat near to Binks where I can be on hand – but leave us both some independence.

I am so excited by the future, far more so than I would be by a Carribean cruise for example.  Maybe I’m unusual – but I feel that the continuation of life and the involvement in it, has got to be the greatest privilege, proving that we never really get old – we just provide more help in different ways – it makes us every bit as valuable – and life even more wonderful.



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