WIN! Zumba Slim Down Party

Hands up if you love Strictly?  Us too!  Unfortunately, we won’t be tripping the light fantastic anytime soon BUT we have found a really fun, easy way to workout.


You’ve probably heard of Zumba already.  It’s a fusion of dance styles including the Merengue, quickstep and salsa and it’s a great, fun way to lose weight quickly and have fun (honestly).

That said, if you’re not body confident or have two left feet, it can be a wee bit terrifying heading to packed dance halls and gyms to try it out.

On boxing day, Zumba Slim Down party is released, offering a simple way to work off those mince pies in the comfort and security of your own home.  Herman and Loretta are your instructors through a series of moves.

Each section starts simply, allowing even complete novices the chance to get up to speed easily.

Our personal favourite is Reggaeton, a fusion of Reggae and Rhumba that leaves you feeling like a backing dancer in a J-Lo vid.

If you’re more confident or have done Zumba before skip ahead to the actual dance routines.  The interim stages might be a wee bit slow for you.  The group dances are good fun and you could get a friend or two to join in!

If you’re particularly hard core this isn’t the video for you – it’s not tough enough but for beginners to mid-level and those who want to be active without wanting to die (show of hands) this is a great choice to get going in January!
WIN! One of FIVE Zumba Slimdown Party DVD’s

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