Janey Says: Welcome to ‘Fresh Start’ February

I have always loved the end of January.  Knowing there is only the  one short month of February to go before we can see the firsts signs of winter being over and the signs of new life emerging.


I am more than usually happy at the moment.  Obviously the recent news of my Grannyhood is exciting… but its more than that.

I have taken the plunge and made a more permanent move to London, and I’ve just moved into my new flat here up here.

I have done this before, but ended up going back and living in the country full time, as I felt that I really ought to accept the fact I was getting older – and moving to a gentler environment would be more suitable.

It’s so funny how some of us ( myself included ) can’t just accept what we feel – but feel we have to do what’s deemed right and correct at  certain stages…I suppose it’s peer pressure as much as anything.

In those days – although fairly strong minded, I was more easily influenced by the opinion of others, and on those – thankfully rare – empty Sundays, the call of the cream tea and log fires in my friends houses persuaded me that maybe that would be the way forward for me, and retiring gracefully would be an easy option.

I am grateful that I had the ability to explore these things – as I know that much as I love the countryside – it will never work for me full time.

It also goes to prove that no matter how old we are, the fundamentals of our character never change. If we’re comfortable with the feel of pavements and the smell of Diesel and sitting on big red buses and chatting to often extraordinary people – then why suddenly are we going to embrace with open arms mud and silence.

I’m very amused and immensely cheered by the fact that I am still discovering things about myself. Had I bothered to think when I was younger – HOW I would feel at this stage of my life – well I would have seen myself in slippers… and knitting probably.  Peoples perceptions – even our own are way out!

So yes, the end of winter is in sight – and the new year brings in wonderful new opportunity and self discovery  for all of us.

Let’s clear out the old stuff – take it to the charity shop. Buy a lovely new journal and make a list of all the things you always wanted to do and have never got around to.

Even if you don’t accomplish any of the things – it will reinforce in your mind just who you are and what you want, and make you far more likely to spontaneously agree to sampling all the wonderful opportunities out there

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