Miranda’s Kitchen: American Pancakes

It’s Pancake Day!  We’re ditching the crepes though in favour of these – Miranda’s fluffy, thick, delicious American style pancakes.


Don’t just save for today, though – these are an amazing treat, all year round!


225g Plain flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp sugar

2 large eggs

30g melted butter

100ml buttermilk

200ml fresh milk

Spray oil


Weigh out the ingredients and combine together in a food processor and blend, or mix together vigorously with a whisk.

Leave for 15 minutes to rest, this lets the baking powder start to work so you get a quick lift when the thick batter hits the pan.

Heat up a non-stick frying pan and spoon in the mixture – three to five dollops depending how large your pan is.

Leaving the temperature fairly high wait until the pancake starts to brown a little then flip it over, when it should start to rise up a bit. Once brown lift the pancake out and eat while warm.

Serve with maple syrup, golden syrup, fruit, chocolate spread etc

Enjoy !!

IMG_2926 (1)

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