Janey’s Month: Welcome to Spring

Well I for one am so relieved Jan and Feb are done and Spring is here ( well nearly!)

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Optimistically I’ve taken my summer stuff out of hiding and given it a glance over, praying after an ‘indulgent winter’ that it hasn’t shrunk!

March brings about such optimism and hope;  Much to look forward too, and if you’ve got children – its the chance to get properly spoilt on Mothers Day, and if they forget, you’ve a whole year of guilt to lay on them which is such fun.

My aged father never liked all the hype around this day.  As a child, he would apparently steal a few daffs from somebody’s garden and offer them to his mother with genuine love.  He never saw the need for wonderful gifts and lunches…how different we are!

I stepped up the game a bit and made more of a fuss of my own much loved, and incredibly tolerant mother.

I would make a cake ( poor woman ) and actually buy the flowers, and put aside a bit of time to actually be there – surely the most important thing. My relationship with her was very close, and there wasn’t much I couldn’t tell her – well apart from the odd fumble with the current boyfriend – some things are just too embarrassing!

With Binks pregnant, this coming Mothers Day has more relevance for me really.  Its fabulous to feel that this time next year there will be more cards, more flowers… another mother – and the cycle continues.

I’m hoping that I’ve given her enough over the years to know what to expect from her life going forward, and how to cope with the up’s and downs of the whole new world that’ll open up to her.

I don’t feel there’s much we can’t discuss – and I’d like to think it’s without hesitation that she would come to me for – well whatever really.

I  believe that for all of us –  our relationships with our children are more honest and open  – and that our kids benefit from that.

No longer seen as a judgemental older generation, our gritting our teeth and being able to  to hear stuff that our ancestors would consider wrong – has paid dividends.

It’d be interesting to see how my grandchildren  grow up and what they would be like at 26.  Of course I’m hopeful I’ll still be here.

I can promise that if I am – I won’t be shocked or judgemental – possible just a bit deaf – and very well able to cope with the next level of information…and wickedly revel in all the fun of it!



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