The Wednesday Review: Radiant Glow Chocolate Facemask

We know it’s currently lent, so loads of you are feeling the pinch of no treats ahead of Easter. The same goes for those of you starting your bikini diets (show of hands in the office…).

radiant glow mask

So you’ll be thrilled to hear we’ve discovered a natural, delicious and skin-kind way to get a quick chocolate fix that won’t add pounds or ruin your motivation.

Enter, Evolve Organic Beauty’s Radiant Glow Mask, £20.  It’s an organic blend of natural sugars, raw cacao and clay.  You apply it to your face, leave for 20 minutes and then slough off for refreshed, clean skin.

Whilst it undoubtedly smells amazing, there’s a whole host of health benefits to Cacao that you may not have heard that make this mask so much more than a ‘quirky’ choice.

It is naturally high in antioxidants which help protect the skin. Magnesium, Vitamin C and the fatty acid Omega 6 promote cell repair and rejuvenation.

Other ingredients include nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, and exfoliating Coconut Shell Powder to leave skin brightened.

The smell could be overpowering, especially as it is scented with vanilla, but while it is rich it maintains a balance and has a slightly ‘orangey’ essence which is just lovely, and a real treat for those missing out!



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