The Must-Have Monthly Box To Adore

A little while back, monthly boxes were all the rage. Subscriptions packs filled with luxe sized samples turned up every month, but very quickly the market became saturated and people became bored with masses of tiny bottles that to be honest, most of us didn’t use. Rubbish coloured makeup left the impression that these so-called ‘gifts’ were, in fact, a quick way for dumping their tat.

2017 has definitely been the year there has been an upswing in quality though and one or two boxes in particular really stand out as delivering ‘joy’ and more importantly, quality, every month.

Previous brands include L’Occitane, Benefit, Essie, Laura Mercier and many others so the beauty quality is high.

But, that isn’t what makes this box so special.  What really makes it stand out is the attention to detail in the gifts and curation.  This month, for example, has a gardening theme.  Cue a beautifully illustrated wall poster detailing seasonal veg throughout the year.

A beautiful fruit infusion water bottle and fridge notebook help add a sense of luxury, coupled with usability rare to find with these boxes as a rule.

A pretty scarf makes the perfect gift for someone and a little snack introduces a brand we’d never tried – all this alongside three high-quality, full-sized beauty products.

We are officially fans! My Little Box is available here from £14.95 per month.


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