Miranda’s Kitchen: Minted White Chocolate Cheesecake Risotto

Serves 2

white chocolate cheesecake risotto


10g Fresh mint plus a few leaves for garnish

550ml Boiling water

10g Butter

100g Aborio rice

60ml White wine  ( Or Champagne for a special treat ! )

75g Broken white chocolate

100g Cream cheese

10g Butter

2 crushed digestive biscuits

1 small punnet of Strawberries

cheesecake risotto


This is a grown up rice pudding and really needs to be eaten with a glass or two of Champagne!

It can be eaten hot or cold.It has no sugar but the white chocolate sweetens it slightly, If you prefer it sweeter add more chocolate but this will take away from the cheesecake flavour.

Infuse the fresh mint in the boiling water and let it stand for at least 10 minutes

Cut the strawberries and set aside

Melt the butter then add the rice, cook for about a minute then add the wine or Champagne. Reduce the wine by half.

Sieve the mint from the water and discard the leaves.

Using a wooden spoon stir continuously on a moderate heat, while gradually adding the mint infusion. With each addition let the rice absorb the minty liquid before adding more.

It is a bit of a labour of love but believe me you will get a lovely creamy finish to the risotto.

Once all of the liquid has been added then stir in the chocolate until it has melted.

Finish with the cream cheese and mix thoroughly.

In a pan melt, the remaining 10g butter add the crushed digestives and toast for a few minutes

To assemble spoon the risotto into a bowl, top with strawberries, crushed digestives and garnish with a few mint leaves

Now pour that Champagne you deserve it!!!

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