Beat the Heat: Top Tips to Sleep Well in Summer

Who loves a heatwave?  WE love a heatwave.  Right until bedtime, when we wind down and realise that instead of a night where we sleep well in summer, we’re going to be sticky, hot and uncomfortable.

sleep well in summer


Fortunately our Ed is a bit of a ‘sleep junkie’ and has updated her top tips for beating the heat and getting some rest!

1. Freeze your sheets: Don’t  strip the bed completely – the heat you feel is actually from what you sleep on, not the cover you use. Instead, choose cotton sheets to cool the skin and ease that horrible clamminess that drives us all crazy.

THEN put it in the freezer for half an hour first – voila.  Cool, calm sheets.

2. Try not to drink too much: Of both alcohol and water. It’s so easy to sit in the garden all night drinking Pimms but drunken sleep in hot weather is not a nice combination – helloooooo nightmares.

Too much water and you risk twenty trips a night to pee. Ace. Leave it half an hour to an hour before bed.

3. No cold showers: It is tempting but it’s the fast track to insomnia. Warm, not cold water is the best option to soothe you down comfortably, without waking you up.

4. Heat rises, so get down! Downstairs, on the floor – anywhere a little more comfortable then a sweaty, airless bedroom!

5. Go misty eyed: A great spritz, kept in the fridge all day is a brilliant quick coolant.  TOP TIP – spritz it on your sheets and also your curtains before you get into bed for extra coolness (currently LOVE Evolve Beauty’s Moisture Daily Defence Moisture Mist).

6. Lick your wrists: I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it works. Just trust me.

7. Create a circulating breeze: Air fans pointed opposite open windows (if it is safe) are a great way to get stale, steaming air moving around the room. If you are on the ground floor just point two fans at each other from across the room.

TIP:  Also get a dehumidifier – it’ll take that sauna like moisture right down

8. R’ice yourself:  Fill a sock with rice and freeze it – a non-melty way to cool down sans mess.

9. Kid yourself: Try Sleep Machine (available at the ITunes Store) – a set of sounds that you can programme to play all night to trick your brain into thinking you’re in a cooler environment. Simply plug in your headphones, pull on a blindfold and persuade yourself you live in a cool, soothing hut by the sea….ahhhhh…

10. Don’t get naked:  Your body immediately starts to manage it’s temperature.  Instead wear underwear and a light cotton shirt to avoid perspirations.

11. Turn the power off: If you usually go to bed with all your plugs on, turn anything non-essential off to cool down residual heat in the room.

12: Dampen down:  Leaving your head slightly (not totally) damp helps keep you constantly working on evaporation, leaving your head, where your body temperature is regulated, nice and cool.

(Originally written by Kirsty Lemare North for Two Pretties Beauty)


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