Miranda’s Recipe for a Magical Morning – Chia Coconut breakfast pot with ginger nut crumble

I’m definitely a big believer that breakfast is a critical part of setting yourself up for a good day, but endless cereal and toast gets very boring!

Try my make-ahead magical breakfast treats instead – super nutrient rich, with slow release energy and tons of flavour!


Makes 4 pots

Prepare in evening ready for breakfast


130ml Alpro Coconut milk

30g chia seeds

1 lime

2 ginger nut biscuits

Fresh coconut flakes


In a small bowl mix the chia and coconut milk cover with clingfilm and leave over night.

In the morning the chia would have more than doubled in size, squeeze in the lime and stir.

Crush the biscuits and layer with the chia mix.

Top with fresh coconut ( if fresh coconut is not available then use toasted dried flakes)

Like many of us I’m watching my sugar intake – that’s why this recipe has no sugar apart from in the biscuits. If you would like a slightly sweeter version stir in a little honey.

Have a great day!


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