The Weirdest Anti-Agers  in History & What Works Now

As we regularly remind ourselves ageing is a fact of life.  It’s a process we all go through (if we’re very lucky).

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No matter how rich we are or how many good genes our parent may have blessed us with, we are all heading down the same path and thanks to modern advances we know it doesn’t have to be something we endure.

Many of us have attempted turning back the clock –  expensive creams, supplements and surgery are all options to support our ageing choices (which we don’t judge, by the way – it’s your journey, do it looking how you want!).

But before you rush down one of these anti-aging roads, why not include some natural ingredients and remedies into your daily routine which could prevent future wrinkles and won’t break the bank.

Sesame oil:

Sesame oil is bursting with fatty acids and linoleic acid, making it an effective moisturiser that leaves your skin silky and smooth.

It’s also rich in Vitamin D, E and B complex, which reduces scarring and rashes on the skin.

For best results, apply the oil directly onto the skin, wait a few minutes and then wash off in the shower, or for more of a deep skin pamper, apply before bed, leave overnight and allow the oil to replenish and nourish your skin whilst you sleep.

Give up the sweet stuff:

Giving up sugar may seem like an impossible task when it seems to be in everything we consume, yet having a smaller intake has been known to reduce our chances of getting wrinkles.

Processed sugars weaken the collagen levels in your skin – and collagen is the building block of your skin, providing elasticity.  Protect it at all costs.

Don’t let your hands give the game away:

Our hands are by and large hardworking and yet we take far less care of them then we do our face, despite them showing the signs of ageing just as easily.

Treat them to a simple rich, nourishing moisturiser at bedtime – a quick massage will feel like a relaxing treat.

Ginger Tea

Drinking ginger tea is an old remedy, originating in India, which actually offers real benefits as we mature.

It is renowned for preventing collagen breakdown in the skin. Add a little honey to reduce inflammation and enjoy the benefits to your mood and gut too!

Use a Sunscreen

As Janey always says, applying a high factor SPF sunscreen to your skin daily is the simplest way to prevent aging, yet so many people completely bypass this believing that sunscreen is only necessary on holiday.

Even if it’s cloudy, windy, or winter, you should always ALWAYS wear a sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

Great sunglasses protect the eyes and being older is the best opportunity to learn to love a hat – we look much better in them than the young, very swish!

Beauty Sleep

Trying to catch the recommended amount of 8 hours of sleep, particularly with work, family and menopausal issues to contend with, but the professionals are correct when they say this is one of the main ways to reduce ageing and give us a brighter complexion.

Sleep lowers the adrenaline levels and enables the body to produce cell repairing hormones.

Berries against Aging

Berries, particularly blueberries, carry masses of antioxidants which do amazing things for your complexion and general health.

Why not sprinkle a few on your porridge of a morning, or enjoy them in a healthy breakfast smoothie?

Drink Water

Pretty obvious, but drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the best way to keep your skin glowing and healthy, however managing to drink this much this can prove difficult when you lead such a busy life.

Try keeping a reusable water bottle by your desk so you remember to top up each day.  Mark it with a pen so you know how much you’ve used too!

Finally, feel fortunate that you aren’t ageing in ancient Japan.  Skincare brand Ellipse have compiled a list of the weirdest anti-ageing remedies throughout time.  Snail slime anyone?

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