Beauty Review: Timebomb Holiday In a Bottle

It’s a sad fact that you simply cannot reply on British summertime to deliver the sort of colour you might enjoy were to spend a lot of time abroad.

It’s also true that unless you want to look like a leather handbag, allowing yourself to develop a tan naturally is a terrible. unsafe idea.

For years, beauty manufacturers have promised natural tans in a bottle and some formulations are really very good (and only smell a tiny bit of biscuits).

They’re often still extremely intimidating though and if you streak (even with a glove) it’s embarrassing.  It’s also tougher as an older person to get it right, what with the ahem, folds and lines.


That’s why the Beyond Fabulous Beauty team are LOVING this new release from Lulu’s Time Bomb, Holiday in a Bottle.

Billed as ‘a quick hit of sunshine’ on pumping it out it looks like a normal skin cream with little flecks (which they call micro-pigments’) but when you massage it in, it magically turns to a light oat colour on contact with the skin.

We used the natural colour for a sun-kissed effect but there is a sun-tanned option if you’re naturally darker.


Paraben and oil free, the beauty in this formula is that it feels like your very best moisturiser.  We found that our skin didn’t just look a little more tanned, it glowed and seemed far more even in tone too.  It doesn’t sit in fine lines and when we rain tested it (as you must do in this country) there were no embarrassing lines anywhere. It stayed put.


At £28 a bottle it isn’t the cheapest option but it seems to really nourish skin so we’d say that for a real skin-treat, especially if you’re going on holiday, we’d pay the money again!

Our only comment would be that it needs to come in bigger sizes.  The 30ml bottle is lovely for face, but the team say you can use it everywhere and it won’t go far if you do.

TIP:  If you put this on your face (as you jolly well should) make sure to blend into your neck and collar bone too to avoid an obvious difference between skin tones!

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