Autumn Book Club – WIN Our Must-Reads

It’s that time of the year when there is nothing more appealing than a blanket and a good book!  It’s why blustery days and chilly nights were made for.

Here are our top suggestions for reading material to keep you engrossed whatever the weather!

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine:

The stellar first novel of Gail Honeyman introduces us to quirky, routine-driven Eleanor Oliphant.  Eleanor wears the same (odd) clothes, eats the same (odd) food and drinks the same (Russian) two bottles of Russian Vodka every weekend.

Her colleagues don’t understand her and she lives strictly alone, until life decides it’s time for her to re-join the land of the living.

The book is moving and shocking, handling the unfurling of Eleanor’s story with almost heart-breaking gentleness until it’s true brutality is revealed.  A proper tear jerker with a beautiful note of hope at its core.

The Keeper of the Lost Things:

We read this whilst on holiday in the summer, but saved it purely because we realised then how perfect it was for a winter hunker down.

Author Ruth Horgan has created a carefully constructed dual narrative, one the story of a man lost himself who commits his life to returning the lost things of others, and one of a life-long love story with a surprising twist.

The most interesting and engaging moments of this book are the tales of the lost things themselves.  Items so innocuous you’d miss them if you were looking for them, but tied up in moments of such importance for those who’ve misplaced them.

Joyful in its utter humanity – we love this book.

‘IT’ – the film tie-in of Stephen Kings Novel:

Well, it is Halloween after all?  The thing about the new film, is that it’s good, for sure, but it loses that chilling terror that the mind brings.  The book, however, is chock full of the creepiest of dark moments.

Stephen King’s strength is not the creepy paranormal stuff (although that works). It’s the reflection of the darkness that sits at the heart of humans – even the ones we love and trust and that is what makes IT such a classic scary book.

Mummy Said the F-Word

So you love your husband right?  But what happens when he cheats and lets you down, and you find yourself suddenly starting again when you thought you had it all?  That’s the position Cait, Fiona Gibson’s lead finds herself in.

This book is laugh out loud funny.  It’s a little cliched in places but so likeable you can’t help but dig in any way – the literary equivalent of a box of Thornton’s and a onesie on a stormy night!


The Break

It’s not a secret that we love Marian Keyes and new novel ‘The Break’ doesn’t disappoint.  Amy and Hugh have the greatest relationship.  Until they don’t.  If your husband asked you for a year off, would you grant it? Would you want one yourself?

The Break is Keyes at her best.  Funny, human and black – we spent the whole book swinging from rage, to laughter, tears and back.  Be warned – this one is addictive, so clear the decks for the weekend to make the most of it!

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