Janey Meets: Sports Presenter Seema Jaswal

Hi Seema – we’ve been so impressed by looking at all your sports presenting work – are you sporty yourself?

Thank you and yes I am very sporty! When I was at school I played every sport you can imagine, tennis and netball being the ones I enjoyed the most.

seema jaswal

I played wing attack in netball and my claim to fame is that I used to mark Kiera Knightly who used to tower above me even back then!

I would say Tennis is the sport I play the most and Football is the sport that I probably watch the most.

You work in a historically male field – do you feel the difference or do you feel that Women in sport is becoming much more accepted now?

There is still a gender gap in Sport, you only have to look at the ranking of the 100 highest-paid athletes.

Tennis star Serena Williams is the only Woman on the list and she’s in position 51 with an income that is £50m lower than Cristiano Ronaldo’s, the world’s top-earning sportsman (Forbes)

However the positives are that this is changing- A total of 83% of sports now reward men and women equal prize money, according to a study of 68 different disciplines published by BBC Sport, last June.

In my experience of working as a Sports Presenter, I am really fortunate to be around top professionals that have never made me feel different for being a Woman working in sport. In fact many embrace it now, I certainly feel that from my experience the landscape has changed.

You’re a busy woman with a jet-set lifestyle – how do you keep yourself healthy and well on-the-go?

My must have is water. I aim to drink 3 litres a day and my skin looks healthier for it. Diet is key so I try my best to have vegetables every day with whatever I’m eating.

Sleep is essential- it’s when the body rejuvenates so if I’m working long hours I try and grab a few hours here and there whenever possible!

Our big campaign at the moment is on loneliness. Is this something you’ve ever felt? Can you share that, what do you do when you feel lonely?

One of the challenges that I’ve faced with loneliness is not feeling it myself but worrying about my parents. I’m an only child and my parents are separated so I often worry about them feeling lonely as they get older.

I always make it a point to speak to them daily even if I don’t get to see them. I realise that five minutes on the phone can make all the difference for both of us!

It’s important to remember that you’re never alone in how you’re feeling- so many others out there will have already gone through the same.

I think everyone at some point in life feels lonely, it’s a very normal emotion to feel as life presents challenges that sometimes you have to face on your own.

It’s important to remember that you’re never alone in how you’re feeling- so many others out there will have already gone through the same.

There is always help available and talking to somebody that doesn’t know you can also be beneficial. I always ask myself, what would I tell a friend if they approached me with the same problem?

We’re moving into Autumn winter – how do you feel about the colder season?

I am totally a sunshine person. I’ll share something really sad with you….I even occasionally wear sun cream in the winter because it reminds me of the holidays in the sun and I love the smell –please don’t judge me!

I’m an outdoors person and a water baby- must be the Aquarian in me! Sea, sun and a nice summer glow make me smile a lot!

I don’t mind Autumn, it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year and I love the Autumn colours! However as it gets colder, life is all about getting cosy on the sofa with woolly socks, a blanket and of course a nice cuppa…happy to watch the world go by through the window!

The most inspiring Women in my life are a lot older than me, my Mum being one of them.

We admire your glamorous but quite pared back style – have you any inspiration for our readers?

I always think it’s important to wear clothes that make you feel good….if it doesn’t make you feel special then ditch it is my motto. Your clothes are a way of expressing who you are so I’m not one to always follow trends if I don’t think they’re for me, never feel the pressure to fit in- fashion should be fun and you should enjoy what you wear.

At the moment I’m enjoying high waisted trousers and jumpsuits a lot as I feel they suit my body shape. I’ve never liked fussy clothes…elegant with a touch of sassy would probably sum up my style!

Our readers are all 40+ – as a younger woman, how do you feel about getting older and do you see that changing? What are you looking forward to as you age?

I’ve always believed that age is only a number and is very much about how you feel. From speaking to friends that are in their 40’s it seems that 40 is the new 20!

The older you get it seems the more comfortable you are in your own skin, I certainly feel the difference in myself over the last 10 years, so I am ready to embrace the journey! The most inspiring Women in my life are a lot older than me, my Mum being one of them.

The things I look forward to as I get older- definitely having my own family, spending more time with the people I love and when I have some spare time I’d happily spend my days ticking off the things on my bucket list, travelling and learning to play the piano to name a few!

Keep up to date with Seema on social media @meseemajaswal.

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