Janey Says: I’m Finally Ready to Relish Who I Am

This month Jane talks about the passing of time, managing our health and finding the strength, to be honest about a part of her life kept hidden for years. 

Like most women of my age, I’m acutely aware of how quickly time passes. I knew when putting the Christmas decorations away for example that the next time I drew breath it would be September!

I also knew I had a lot ahead of me this year.

Deciding to sell my Sussex house and finding something lovely in London ( so much more sensible with transport etc. ) being just one of them. It sounds so easy, but to pack up 17 years of fun, and some memories that weren’t necessarily all that great.. well it takes energy.

Country living can be desirable, and to many it is, the hard work it demands is elusive to me these days, along with the aforementioned strength and energy.

That I suppose is the crux of it for me! Determined to sort my physical body out, I’ve bizarrely needed a lot of energy, as well as strength, focus and determination, but it’s all had to go on my health.

This is the first time I’ve talked about this, this side of my ‘ slightly'(ha, slightly) alternative nature.

MS is a pernicious disease that left to gain momentum can rob you of your dignity, self-esteem and confidence. Indiscriminate, it can pounce on the most undeserving and unsuspecting, robbing us of our lives and freedom.

I’ve led a big life, often finding myself in situations where much courage was required. WELL MS, I’m damned if I’m going to go down to you without a fight!


I believe I’ve previously mentioned, that for me – lying down and saying ‘doctors cure me’ and handing over responsibility for that seems wrong. We must take some effort to look at ways to help ourselves and not be victims of any misfortune.

(not me but one can wish)


So house stuff in motion – and before the arrival of my newest grandbaby – I decided to squeeze in a trip to Brazil to see the world famous healer – Joao Teixeira de Faira.

This is the first time I’ve talked about this, this side of my ‘ slightly'(ha, slightly) alternative nature.

Not wanting to deal with the possibility of people branding me as a ‘new age crazy’  or risk embarrassing my children, I’ve kept quiet about some of my beliefs and faith. But push came to shove and with nothing to lose – but potentially plenty to gain I packed my bags and made a trip to Abadiania.

I really can’t go into the whole experience here, but suffice to say it was one of the major times in my life – and I will never forget it, or cease to be grateful for it.

I feel better. More sorted and happier than I can ever remember, I’m beginning to have a real joy and excitement for the future.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve thrown the walking cane away and am now back to dancing on the bar… it’s going to take a bit longer than that – and with much more attention to my own health regime!

I do however feel a steady improvement, a fact noted by many of my more sceptical friends!

Another plus side of the trip was to give me the confidence to write something that really does it for me.

To ‘take the cloak off’ so to speak and be honest, could have an impact on somebody else. Someone somewhere might just read this and be inspired to research it for themselves and gain as much help and healing as I have

If that were to be the case then isn’t that just what this life is meant to be about?  Helping in some way, where possible through our own experiences – I’ve always believed so.

So now I’ve got my wonderful new grandbaby – three in a year (I’m already dreading the cost at Christmas!).

The house is almost sold and a lovely new flat found. This next Christmas will be the very best one ever – and that’s the future I wish for everybody out there, regardless of their beliefs.

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