The 13 Real Reasons We LOVE Poldark

We keep hearing about how Poldark is ALL about Aidan Turner and his manly trunk but we beg to differ.

We would NEVER be so sexist as to objectify a member of the opposite sex in such a blatant way, so here are all the real reasons we love Poldark so much.

The Cornish Scenery

poldark in a field

Azure blue seas, stormy skies, flower-filled fields to scythe topless in,  what’s not to love?

The Deeply Feminist Elements 

Yep.  Ahead of his time old Ross Poldark

The Careful Consideration of the Environment

Bring back pre-industrial era agriculture we say…

The Nurturing Relationships


He treats that poor serving wench good…

The Historical Accuracy

Cornish tin mining is fascinating – and it definitely looked like this.

The Intense Social Commentary

Who knew 18th Century politics were so deeply fascinating

The Insight into Historical Food and Drink

Clutching at straws?  Us? Not yet we’re not!

The Lavish Setting

Look at those… sheets

The Commitment to the Original Novels

We haven’t read them.  But we’re sure this is EXACTLY what Winston Graham had in mind!

The Care Ross Takes Of His Domestic Staff 

It’s nice to see a man devoted to his erm, staff…

The Use of Clever Camera Angles

(Still not clutching).  Yep, sweeping wide shots and soft-focus close-ups really make a programme for us.

The Sea

Nothing draws us in like a good sea-side feel.  Poldark uses the sea as an additional cast member.  One deeply content to look brooding behind him on a horse.

Finally, we appreciate how much effort goes into every detail of these outfits. It must take literally months to put these together.

See.  No objectification here – none whatsoever.

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