Janey Says – Time for a Self-Indulgence Revolution

I write this from my bed where I’m struggling to get over a nasty little bout of Flu.

I’ve had the jab, I swallow the vitamins and I eat so carefully you could almost imagine I was Gwyneth Paltrow, although you’d have to try quite hard.

jane felstead the importance of self care

This regime is something that I’ve been trying to cultivate for the last few years since I received my MS diagnosis.

All the advice the professionals could offer was to meditate, avoid processed foods and take fish oil tablets. After that, they waved goodbye and I was on my own

Naturally, I googled everything, and not being one to do things by half I decided to play safe and do it all!

This has been a time consuming, sometimes painful, and costly experience, but weirdly enough, enjoyable.

Setting myself a challenge to make the best of this situation and attack it from all angles has focussed my mind on some other aspects of my life I had previously overlooked.

In the past, self-care had never a priority for me. I was far too busy ‘being invaluable’ to my poor children. Involving myself in every aspect of their life was far more satisfying… except for them of course

But, with this MS situation beginning to affect my life and becoming a bit more than ‘just annoying’, I realised that to keep myself upbeat on the bad days I was going to have to make myself a priority.

To do that, I had to build in more fun things that I’d previously shunned as being unnecessary and extravagant. I don’t know why so many women of my age beat themselves up for putting themselves first – I think it was considered a distasteful indulgent conceit, and therefore frowned upon – but here in the 21st Century – we can think again.

It’s so sad that we have to get to a certain age to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’. I’ve discovered so many wonderful therapies that shouldn’t be considered ‘treats’ at all!

Interestingly, the French see them as necessities and feel they’re letting themselves and their families down if they don’t look after themselves and their looks.

With this in mind, I took myself off (with Binky’s help) to see the very talented Tracie Giles (@traciegiles_permanentmakeup).

For a few years, I’d noticed my brows were becoming non-existent. They frame a face, and the loss of mine made the ‘dropping’ more apparent.

It’s hard on a bad day to look in the mirror and see the ravages of age

Gravity takes its toll, I know, but whereas I’ve previously been stoic about this, I realised that I was actually getting a bit down as all I’d taken for granted throughout my life was literally ‘falling away’.

It’s hard on a bad day to look in the mirror and see the ravages of age… very depressing and it added to my general ‘unhealthy’ loss of interest and indifference

On a low energy day, even the drag of having to pencil on a face was exactly that – a drag! I began to realise that anything I could do to make my life easier and certainly nicer, wasn’t an extravagance – but a necessity.

My trip to Tracy was a glamorous experience. Not a ‘plus point’ I was expecting – but so very welcome.

I’ll admit to having felt a bit nervous, but the procedure was pain-free ( I embarrassingly fell asleep twice )

Permanent makeup is a wonderful help for those with Alopecia or going through Chemotherapy, but for all of us now I realise that we shouldn’t deny ourselves that which can cheer every day – make it happier and easier and bring back – certainly in my case a bit of Joie de vivre

jane felstead travelling
A rare naughty treat!

I am now going to investigate further and maybe make another trip back to Beauchamp Place. I might not be so honest and open next time – even I have to have a few secrets.

So now next on my very imminent agenda is to recover quickly enough for my flight to wonderful Bali on Saturday – and to resist taking the antibiotics lying here on the table beside me… just in case.

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