5 Cheap Ways to Have Fun with the Grandchildren

We’ve spoken to the fab Megan Fife of Ashleigh Money Saver, a group of Mums working hard to find deals and discounts, to get her best tips for quality time on a budget!

The Easter holidays are on the horizon and if you’re on grandparent duty, you’ll know those two weeks can sometimes cost a pretty penny!

Get in the kitchen

Grandmother And Granddaughter Baking In Kitchen

All kids love sweet treats, and the Easter holidays are a great opportunity to get their hands dirty in the kitchen. Some of the best seasonal treats are the easiest to make!

If you have some Weetabix and a bar of chocolate at hand, why not enlist your granddaughter or grandson to help make chocolate Easter nests?

All they need to do is crush up the Weetabix while you melt the chocolate, and they can mix it all together in a big bowl, then form little nests with each handful of the mixture. Pop in the fridge to set, and add their favourite Easter snack as a decoration – Mini Eggs always work well!

Enjoy the great outdoors

emily two

Spring has sprung and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect excuse to get outside! Pull on your wellies, get your grandkids in their trainers, and head outdoors. Whether you have a trip to the beach to blow out those post-winter cobwebs or go to your local nature reserve, nothing tires kids out more than fresh air. Plus, it’s totally free. Win-win all round!

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Have a picnic in the garden

Three generations having lunch on the ground

If the Easter holidays are pulling on your purse strings, it’s time to get creative when it comes to mealtimes. Instead of taking your grandchildren to the local cafe, why not make eating at home fun by having a picnic in the garden?

Pop a towel or large sheet on your lawn, and make some sandwiches and snacks to enjoy. You needn’t buy in groceries especially for this occasion, simply use what you have in the fridge.

Carrot sticks, grapes, yoghurts…they all go down a treat with little ones.

Decorate eggs

It’s the most fun Easter activity of them all – egg decorating! Find your grandchild’s set of pens or paint, cover your kitchen surfaces, boil an egg, let it cool, then pop it in an egg cup and let them make a masterpiece.

Children are bound to love this fun and creative activity, their imagination can run wild! Who knows what they will create with an egg as a canvas?

Remember to take lots of pictures during this activity, so those exciting childhood memories last a lifetime.

Enlist their help to spring clean!

Kids love nothing more than being helpful. That’s why if you’re intending to start spring clean over the Easter holidays, you should totally get your grandchild to help you out.

There are loads of tasks that little ones can help with, but obviously, their capacity to help depends on their age range.

Even if they sort the laundry into whites and darks, dust the surfaces in your home, or take the recycling out, there’s always something that they can be helping with!

Feeling ready to tackle the Easter half term break now? By using all these tips, you’ll be able to maximise the fun for both you and your grandchildren but minimise your spending too.

Written for Beyond Fabulous by Megan Fife, of Ashleigh Money Saver. They’re a group of Mums sourcing the best deals, discount codes and savings online, so you don’t have to. We found them when hunting out Christmas deals last year and approached them for advise for our readers – give them a look and save straight away!

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