Spring Clean your Spending

Feeling the pressure of the purse strings? For lots of us, money is tight at the moment and we’re all on the hunt for a bargain or a great deal.

You needn’t scour stores for vouchers or sites for coupon codes though, there are some really simple lifestyle changes that you can make to save money. Every little helps!

Follow these 4 easy steps shared with us by the fab Mums at Ashleigh Money Saver and watch your savings mount up.

Make a meal plan

Hands up, who does more than one “weekly” shop per week?

Writing a meal plan will stop that! Get the family together, and decide what you’re all going to be eating for the next 7 days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Then, once your meals are decided, head to the kitchen and see what ingredients you have. Once you’ve completed this task, it’s easy to spot what you need to pick up next time you’re at the supermarket.

Compile those items onto a brief list, and you will be less tempted to buy unnecessary items on your next grocery shop. This life hack is also really useful in regards to stopping your household wasting food. It’s a win-win situation all around, and your bank balance is sure to thank you.

Reward Me Now is a great instant discount app, which lets you save in loads of aspects of your life! You can even save money on your grocery shop, from supermarkets like Tesco or Iceland. Why not start your free 60-day trial today?

Stop buying your work lunches

Now you’re meal planning, there’s no need to fall victim to a meal deal at midday, five days per week! Take leftovers from your family meal the night before, or rustle up a healthy homemade salad or sandwich.

Only when you start to take your meals to work, do you realise how much of an impact buying your lunch daily has to your expendable income?

The same goes for days out, or volunteering time.  Arrange to meet friends at one anothers houses, not coffee shops or cafes.

This also works for coffee lovers, too. If you buy a £3 coffee every morning during your commute, that seemingly low cost soon adds up! Start taking your own coffee in a reusable cup, and not only will your bank balance thank you but the environment will too.

It’s much easier than you think to make little savings go a long way!

Reassess your direct debits

When did you last take a look at your monthly outgoings? Many of us pay for a monthly subscription for a service that we don’t even use! Whether it be a streaming service or a gym membership, there’s bound to be a service you pay for that you don’t use.

It may also be worth your time to take an hour on a Sunday afternoon to look at your gas, electric, and insurance bills. Research if you could find a better deal elsewhere, and you may end up saving yourself a lot of money.

Shop your stash

This is the most fun way to save some pennies! If you have an overflowing makeup collection, or a wardrobe bursting at the seams, it’s time to shop your stash.

Empty out your dressing table or wardrobe, and lay out all the items in that category you own. You’re sure to find a hidden gem that you forgot about!

Whether that’s a makeup item you’ve been saving for a special occasion or a dress that totally slipped your mind, enjoy shopping your own collections and introducing some items back into your daily routine.

So, are you feeling motivated to save some money? It’s much easier than you think to make little savings go a long way!

Written for Beyond Fabulous by Megan Fife, of Ashleigh Money Saver. They’re a group of Mums sourcing the best deals, discount codes and savings online, so you don’t have to. We found them when hunting out Christmas deals last year and approached them for advice for our readers – give them a look and save straight away!

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