Janey’s May Letter: Out With the Old

Well!  What a month April was.  Four weeks ago I was tired, and writing surrounded by suitcases.  Now, I’m tired, back home, and it’s packing cases instead, as I move to a (nother) new home.

My trip to Bali was meant to restore me.  Top up my energy levels to cope with the flat move I knew I faced upon my return. All the best-laid plans and all that… Instead, I crawled home feeling 100 and looking like I’d just fallen out of the dog’s bowl!

I’m happy to say it’s all been worth it.  The fabulous people with their essential skills, who somehow drifted into my life at the right moment made me laugh.  It’s said that women are the talkers. It’s rubbish, men do not stop!

I know some intimate details of one of the removal men, including the handbags his wife likes.  I was talked through two funerals, one row, one disastrous holiday, and a dodgy son-in-law ‘that was never going to come to nothing!’  (Another downside of having a problem like MS. You can’t always easily escape, and become a sitting duck for any passerby who feels the desire for a little download!).

Anyway.  know I bang on ceaselessly about being tired and stressed, but having been a do’er all my life, I take objection to the fact that I can no longer get away with doing what I want when I want, with no repercussions.

Optimism is essential in life I think.  If we focus on the sensible and acknowledging the ‘ what if’s ‘ then spontaneity goes out of the window.

If we say no to a drink with a friend on a Sunday night,  sure we may wake up without a hangover on Monday morning, but what about the fun and joy that comes with a raucous night with old friends?

We get one day older without the laughter and possibly ridiculous photos on our phone that cheer us on throughout the week.

As I’m no longer in my 50’s, I have decided that it’s all about pacing ourselves. Reevaluating and deciding what is going to keep us at our best, not just for us – but unselfishly for all those we come into contact with.

‘Ne’re cast a clout till May is out darling – unless it’s ugly, then.. get a nice new one!’

We must understand that making life easier for ourselves by doing less we hate and more we adore is good for us.  For instance, I now buy puddings instead of slaving over stoves for hours, choosing instead to drool over Idris Elba with the girls.   Result!

There are moans of ‘it’s not a good as your’s’ but I  am happier and more relaxed  (plus I haven’t eaten half the cheese in the fridge and licked the chocolate mousse from the bowl while trying to find the right dish to put it all in).

It’s imperative we allow ourselves to do what we wish – be as we wish – by reevaluating ourselves.  We can start by chucking all the junk out. My wonderful irreverent father would say ‘Ne’re cast a clout till May is out darling – unless it’s ugly, then.. get a nice new one!’

I intend to adopt this philosophy with more than just clothes. We only get one crack at this life malarkey so let’s make it as fun as possible. A spring clean of all the unnecessary garbage and guilt that we’ve become bound by, be it because we chose it or had it foisted upon us.

Let’s go into this summer putting ourselves, our needs wants and desires to the fore as much as is possible, for the sake of everyone.

I know that living alone makes this easier for me – but I now also know just why the removal man bought his wife so many lovely things.  It wasn’t because she vacuumed every day, made soup of all the dodgy vegetables and had the cleanest loo in town.

It was because she was Lovely.  Happy, joyful, cuddly, and a bloody good laugh as well as a  lover of Deliveroo. I’m taking a leaf out of her book.  If I keep moving around like this – it’d be very handy to have a jolly removal man in my back pocket…so to speak – and her lifestyle sounds just about perfect in my book.


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