This Month I Learned… How to Knit an Arm Blanket

I am the first to admit, that I am nobody’s idea of a knitter.  I can never remember the patterns, I drop stitches left, right and centre and I’m hopeless at keeping things neat.

(Photo from the London Craft Club)

But I love the look of the enormous blankets currently taking hold of Pinterest, and I discovered the trick to them; you don’t need needles. Instead, you make them with huge balls of yarn, over your arm!

So, off I headed to the beautiful basement classroom of The London Craft Club, who make Instagram worth crafts like clutch bags and macramé mirrors look effortless, to learn to make my very own.


Firstly, I need to say a very big thank you and also point out the customer care at the centre.  I managed to book the wrong night, and I actually booked for June! By rights, they should have sent me on my way, but our lovely instructor pulled up a chair, found me a ball and let me get stuck in, for which I (and my extremely irritated friend) will forever be grateful.

We were given gorgeous, fluffy balls from Woolly Mahoosive, who specialise in beautiful quality big balls of wool, enormous needles and the like.

The process is somewhat like that you follow to knit normally, but somehow the addition of Prosecco and a couple of limbs makes it much easier and after a few false starts I was on my way in the world of knitting.

Our instructor was a delight. So patient, considerate and a giggle – never getting annoyed with any of our dropped stitches or confused faces and making it all very easy – loved her!

You get to choose how you finish off (I had tassles – very swish) and two hours after stepping in, voila!  Chunky blankets ahoy! We even got stopped on the way home to enquire about where we’d bought them!

It’s five stars from us!

Classes start from £69 pp and all materials are included in the course of the class

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