Forget Your Troubles, Come on Get Happy…

How do you get happy? With wine? Grandkids? In the garden? 

We all have those things that just make us feel better – even after a dreadful day, and that’s a good thing.  Boosting our moods naturally with positive experiences can increase serotonin and decreases the likelihood of experiencing stress-related illness.

In fact, a recent poll of 2000 found that more than 50% of us need somewhere to relax and unwind and interestingly, most of us like to be alone when we’re in it!

Lisa Davis of Skipton Building, who commissioned the study, said: “While most people are happy with their lives in general, it’s natural for stress to build up.

“It’s really important to have somewhere you can escape to, be it physically or even mentally, to take your mind off everyday woes and help you feel in a good place.”

It doesn’t need to be somewhere expensive; in fact, seven in 10 adults agreed the best happy places are ones that don’t cost a penny. 25% through said they wish they had more time to enjoy their happy places.

The full list is below – any you can think of not on it?

1. A walk in the countryside
2. Relaxing in the garden
3. On holiday in the sun
4. Listening to your favourite music
5. Having a long shower/bath
6. In bed with a book and a cup of tea
7. Having a lie-in
8. Walking the dog
9. On the beach with a drink your hand
10. Out for lunch
11. Meeting old friends
12. A night in with a takeaway
13. Afternoon tea with family or friends
14. Out on a romantic meal for two
15. Cooking/baking in the kitchen
16. In the pub
17. In a coffee shop
18. In the cinema
19. Having my finances in order
20. Shopping
21. Swimming
22. A pool with a cocktail in hand
23. Going for a drive
24. Binge watching a box set
25. Sunday morning with a paper and a brew
26. Cuddled up with kids on the sofa
27. Afternoon In the spa
28. Among the shelves of a local bookstore or library
29. Cycling
30. On the phone to family/friends
31. Relaxing after the kids have gone to bed
32. Sitting in the corner of the sofa
33. At an airport waiting to go on holiday
34. Online shopping
35. A visit to a museum
36. Running
37. Out taking photographs
38. Playing video games
39. Doing art
40. Morning yoga or meditation
41. At a gig
42. Down at the allotment
43. Playing a sport
44. At the gym
45. Paying in to my savings accounts
46. Camping/caravanning
47. Quiz night with friends
48. Visiting long distance family
49. Playing an instrument
50. On a Staycation

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