Miranda’s Kitchen: CBD Cookies

Cookies that make you happy, ease pain and reduce anxiety? Legally? We’re so in!

You may think of cannabis as being a  fairly modern substance, used by hippies and teenagers looking to get high, but in fact, this plant has been used for at least 10,000 years for food, fibre, medicine and also as a spiritual aid.


It is actually one of the oldest agricultural crops and one of the first traded plants for economic value. Originally cultivated in Asia and then bought along with travellers, the oils extracted from the herb were use as one of the first cooking oils but it wasn’t until near the end of 1800s that doctors in the Western World started to take an interest in it’s medicinal properties.

It is documented that Queen Victoria was prescribed Cannabis tincture for menstrual pain relief by Royal Doctor Sir John Russell Reynolds in 1828, when he said:

“When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.”

Nowadays, Cannabis is being legalised across the globe for its pain-relieving and soothing benefits.  In particular sufferers of cancer, MS and inflammatory conditions report finding it hugely beneficial in easing their ongoing symptoms in a way other medications have failed to do.

CBD, the extract used to such great effect in this country, also known as cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of some 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.  Scientists remove the psychoactive ingredient that causes the ‘high’ feeling, instead leaving the beneficial part of the plant to treat symptoms.

This is entirely legal, but the oil isn’t exactly pleasant to taste so I invented my cannabidiol cookies to take advantage of the health benefits, in a slightly more palatable way.
I am using Organic CBD Hemp containing 65% hemp seed oil, 35% CO2 hemp extract, 400mg CBD/CBDA, 0.2% THC (www.fortheageless.com).


120g Unsalted butter
100g Maple syrup
1tsp Bicarbonate of soda
100g Oats
150g Self raising flour
50g Wheat germ
70g Soft brown sugar
2.5ml CBD oil


Heat the oven to 140c. Line two trays with baking paper.
Melt the butter and syrup very slowly then add the cbd oil, taking care to ensure the melted mixture is not too hot or it will destroy the properties of the oil.
Mix in the bicarbonate of soda, add the oats, flour, sugar and wheatgerm and mix thoroughly.
Divide and roll the mix into 24 balls and place 12 onto each tray then press down
Bake for 20 minutes then place onto a cooling rack.
Eat no more than two for a relaxing effect and of course to stay within a healthy diet.

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