Jane Felstead, Founding Editor

In about 2011 I was invited to be part of the cast on Made In Chelsea.

My youngest daughter Binky was on the show, and by fluke I filmed a couple of episodes with her and the rest of the cast. The next thing I knew I was offered a contract, and asked to be part of the show as my no nonsense, voice of reason character.

The platform this gave me on social media was significant and as a result of that I was offered an agony aunt column on the Mail online.

I had always wanted to be a counsellor, but with a hectic life and three children I somehow never found the time, so the new and ‘useful’ role I found myself in brought me joy and satisfaction.

It was last year when the idea of a site for other women like me dawned – active, busy and ambitious women who just happen to be older.

Firstly it was going to be just fashion, but very quickly I realised that if I were going to write anything – then it would have to have more meaning than just that.

I decided to incorporate lifestyle and wellbeing and make the whole thing truly interactive and inclusive. I felt that with these issues covered, then there really was no end to what could be discussed and discovered – and who may benefit as a result.

kirsty lemare north, editor

Kirsty Lemare-North, Co-Editor

I’ve been passionate about beauty and lifestyle journalism since I was extremely young and fortunate to have built a career in it.

That’s why when Janey came to me and said she was sick to death of reading articles aimed at twenty year olds and wanted to create a site for smart, fashion loving older women I didn’t hesitate to jump on-board.

Today’s plus-forty and fifty (and even sixty, seventy and eighty) year old woman doesn’t want to wear beige, sleep in rollers and get a blue rinse.  She wants to travel, start businesses, look fantastic and most of all, be treated like she exists and matters.

THAT is what Beyond Fabulous is about – don’t hesitate to email me kirsty@beyondfabulous.co.uk if you want to write for us, have a story to tell or just want to share your thoughts!

Jean Luc La Fitte

Jean Luc Lafitte, Health Expert

I have been involved in health care for over twenty years now, and I have to say, I am as passionate today about health as I was the day I took my first step on this amazing discovery towards optimum wellness.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of treating a colourful array of people from all walks of life, including Royalty and Hollywood stars.

We all share a common desire and need to stay healthy. Health is not just about exercise, but also about nutrition and an emotional state of mind in combination.

If we can achieve this perfect balance, then we can say we are healthy.

I believe that nature knows best, so I want share with our readers some remarkable and surprising answers and solutions to some of the most common health questions I have been asked over the years.

callum melly

Callum Melly, Personal Trainer

I’ve been a fitness model and trainer for a number of years.

Introducing people to their most healthy selves, no matter what age or fitness level they are is my absolute passion and I don’t believe in making yourself miserable to do it!

The problem with the health and fitness industry today is that people overcomplicate everything. It really isn’t that hard to reach your health and fitness goals, but knowing how is the key. The underlying issue is people’s lack of knowledge around exercise and nutrition.

My work on Beyond Fabulous is to show you that whether you are eight or eighty, you can enjoy your food, transform your body and feel like the best version of you that you can be!

I am the also the founder of the Body 8 programme, helping you acheive your fitness goals in just eight weeks.

Zoe Hind, Astrologer

Zoe Hind, Personal Astrologer

Zoe was introduced to Astrology by her mother at the age of 8 and has continued to learn and love this profound system ever since. It soon became a way of life.

Embracing ancient culture and beliefs and combining this knowledge with a healthy interest in the latest scientific theories, she brings the past and the future together to make sense of the present.

Perspective, empowerment, and realizing potential is the result.

Incorporating the Ancient Mystery School teachings in her readings adds esoteric depth including, tarot, numerology, geometry, mythology, and cosmology.

Zoe has created on-line Astrology and Tarot courses to share this sacred wisdom.


She provides advice to private clients and consultancy to companies worldwide and organizes events & workshops and writes regular articles for TV and magazines.

Personal Chart Readings & Business Consultancy available by Skype or in London.

Learn more about Zoe here


Miranda Godfrey, Chef and Food Writer

Inspired by my Mother & Grandmother, cooking has always part of my life.

With over 25-years in the industry, I have won many awards nationally and internationally representing the UK with The Craft Guild of Chefs culinary team.

My career has given me the opportunity to work in high-class establishments in London including The Reform club and Lanesborough Hotel.

I have dedicated my skills to designing and teaching a wide range of culinary courses at the UK’s leading hospitality schools.

These include Butlers Wharf Chef School, Mosimanns, Billingsgate fish school and currently the historic Westminster Kingsway College, where I specialise in teaching private chef courses for International students.

I have taught hundreds of students including many who have extremely successful careers including  Fabulous Baker Brother Henry Herbert, author and Iron chef judge Sophie Michell, Sophie Wright cookery author, Chef and  food stylist plus Ed Smith of  Rocket & Squash – one of London’s top food bloggers.

Publications include  six recipes in ‘A Class of Its Own’, articles for CHEF magazine, Tuco University magazine, and online magazines.

In my personal life, I’m a single Mum with a large family of four boys, daughter, granddaughter, a dog, and a cat.

Learn more about Miranda at www.MirandaGodfrey.com

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