Janey’s October Letter

The idea for Beyond Fabulous came up as I realised that although I was growing older, I still felt every bit as relevant as I did ‘back in the day.’

I had been used to being involved with, and very much part of the younger team.  Being a part of Made In Chelsea and surrounded by young people – well its very easy for some of it to rub off – and providing I avoided the mirror as much as possible I could overlook it.

Suddenly my age became more apparent to me when some of the younger people I met began treating me differently, assuming that I wouldn’t ‘get it’- they were polite in my presence.

My own children would embarrass them hugely with the conversations they’d have in front of me, which I know was an attempt at assuring them they could relax and that really – old though I may look – I was really okay and that no holes were barred.

Needless to say though, this whole realisation was miserable.  I suddenly felt I had lost my identity – or if it wasn’t lost – I would certainly have to work harder at promoting it… to remain visible and relevant.

I then spoke to many of my older friends who I’m ashamed to say I had overlooked in recent years.

Their lives were different to mine.  They were accepting their age and adopting a certain style of behaviour  because they felt they had no option.

They accepted that we  grow larger around the middle with age and that the only thing to do about that is to wear baggy clothes and hang around the back the room feeling drab – and as a result, dull.

What was the the point of a great haircut with nowhere special to go or when nobody would notice –  if they did, they’d be horrified by the cost ….”did you really have to go to London to get that done?”

Many people I know (both male and female) relish growing older and good for them.  The cosy pipe and slipper moments are a reward for their early mornings and hard work – and what’s wrong with daytime TV Bowles and cribbage?

For the rest of us though – NO WAY!

Beyond Fabulous is about celebrating all the wonderful things in life at any age.  Clothes, shoes and make up obviously, but also STYLE.

Knowledge, involvement and opinion.  Relevance and sophistication.  Free thoughts and free speech.

Being open to all the good (and maybe the not so good) but at least tasting it!  Never has there been a time when age has been so celebrated – so let’s get out there and make the most of it all.

For the rest of us though – NO WAY!

With Beyond Fabulous, we plan to enjoy the ride with you all… of any age.  So please get on board, buckle up and prepare to love life and all it brings in the knowledge that we’ve got a voice and an identity – and we’re going to be using it!

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