Callum’s Pub Lunch: YES You Can Eat Steak While Dieting

Once upon a time, we believed that diets meant deprivation and suffering.

Today, thanks to fitness experts like trainer-to-the-stars and Beyond Fabulous Fitness Ed Callum Melly, we know that simply isn’t the case.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite – Callum explains that our bodies NEED fat, especially as we age, to maintain it’s ability to BURN fat and build lean muscle.

We also need the right balance of protein and frankly, flavour  (or life just isn’t worth living). So in the interest of fabulous health, we’ve stolen our FAVOURITE lunchtime treat recipe from Callum – STEAK (you’re welcome).



– 100g lean steak (175 cals)
– 1 large flat mushroom (15 cals)
– 100g Avocado (80 cals)
– garlic


– Pre-heat a frying pan and grease with coconut oil.
– Add your chopped garlic to the pan and fry until golden brown.
– Pan fry your steak until golden brown & then leave to rest on a separate plate.
– Pan fry your mushroom in the garlic and steak jucies.
– Halve a large avocado, remove the stone and cut into slices.
– Plate your steak, add your fried muschroom and avocado.

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