11 Reasons to LOVE Being Single (At Any Age)

November 11th is Singles Day – yay!  We’re all about loving your life at any age here so we’ve written a list why all you singletons need to be supping the champers and kicking up your heels today!


  1. The bed space: Star-fishing out at every angle, hogging the duvet, NOT having someone else’s crumbs in the bed…. Bliss


  1. No TV wars: No football (unless you like it). No Storage Wars (unless you like it).  And the sound is at the level YOU want it…. Perfect


  1. No hiding your spending: ‘What these darling? They’ve been in my cupboard for YEARS’. Who hasn’t said it?  Not anymore. Spend away, then watch X-Factor in your new Jimmy Choos if you like!


  1. No Sharing Food: Is there anything more irritating than going to the fridge to find that treat you’d stashed gone, or the last of the bread, or the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner?  No!


  1. No Pee: The Toilet Seat stays where it should. Nuff said.




  1. Single Holidays: We know it’s scary but going on holiday alone is one of the most liberating things you’ll ever do.  If it seems like too much start with dinner out and go from there!


  1. Book time: There’s something about reading that being part of a couple isn’t conducive to – when you’re by yourself you can spend entire days engrossed, and what’s better than that?


  1. Red Lippie: We can’t tell you the number of women who don’t wear it because their partners complain, even though they love it.  Get that pillar box red out and rock it like the foxy lady you are.


  1. Girls Nights: In or out, friend time is critical but being paired up can’t half get in the way.


  1. Kisses: Your next amazing first kiss, first date, first everything is all to look forward to, and in the meantime Aidan Turner makes a fabulous mental practise date..


  1. Independence: Need to change a tap, hit google. Got bills to pay? Get on it.  There’s something so powerful about looking in the mirror and knowing that if a crisis hits, you got it covered.    The real beauty being that when (and IF) you do meet someone special, it’s on your terms, not because you don’t feel capable on your own.


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