Janey Says: Mick Jagger – Too Old for a Baby?

Firstly, it must be said – I am the biggest Mick Jagger fan on the planet!  In my eyes, he can do no wrong, and he’s without doubt one of the coolest guys – ever!

Image from CNN

Considering all the recent press discussion about him becoming a father again at the age of 73 though (following in the footsteps of Ronnie Wood, who had twins earlier this year) well, I’m a bit torn.

A new arrival is always a blessing, but the fact that men can go on fathering children into their later years is mother nature’s little mix-up I believe.

I just don’t see the point, but that doesn’t stop them being able…and when the flesh calls…well, the body’s weak, especially when it comes to the older rock boys – whose appeal to the younger generation doesn’t cease with the wrinkles!

So, having established that these old boys are ‘Still Studs’, we move onto the next question – is it fair to bring kids into the world when you’re probably not going to be around to see them grow up?

I can’t help feeling that at the very least it’s a bit of a shame.

In this part of the world where we have everything 24/7 why should we limit ourselves and exclude another little indulgence?

We can just go on doing whatever we fancy, and providing it doesn’t hurt anyone – well that’s our business. But parenthood must be the exception to that rule.

I know Mick will leave fabulous funds to ensure the well-being of his baby boy when he has shuffled off this mortal coil – but that can’t be enough surely?

In this modern age of equality, do we still think of men as only contributing value to parenting by their fiscal worth?

Statistics suggest that well over a million children in the UK are growing up without a father.  As many as three million claims to not have a ‘significant’ relationship with their dads.

In this modern age of equality, do we still think of men as only contributing value to parenting by their fiscal worth?

And whilst it isn’t a popular view, evidence suggests that a solid relationship with both parents provides better academic results, lowers experiences of mental health and is a positive indicator for healthy adult relationships.

In short, men matter.

In my experience boys especially love their fathers, they hero worship them, and in turn, the best fathers bestow all their love and knowledge, guiding them through life, teaching them to do all the boring stuff like changing a plug and the offside rule in Rugby.

If a woman of 73 were to become a new parent, the outcry would be unbelievable.  In a way that’s a compliment, because we consider the role of ‘mother’ as vital to a child’s wellbeing.  But isn’t it time we put the same level of expectation onto dads?

In short, men matter.

We women are amazing – there are many mums raising children in different circumstances and doing a wonderful job and I’m sure this child’s mother will make sure he has everything he needs when the inevitable occurs.

It also needs saying that the parents who take on a child not biologically their own are incredible – being a father isn’t always about biology.

But those people are rare and there is certainly no guarantee of finding one.

I just hope that for this boy, his mum won’t be faced with having to find a string of ‘role models’ to step in and fill the role that inevitably and even with the best intentions, Mick’s son is never likely to enjoy in the fullest sense.

Every child deserves the love of a Father and neither money nor a legendary name, will be enough to fill that gap.

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