Janey Meets: Maxine Jones, Lorraine Kelly’s ‘New You’ Partner

At this time of year, we tend to be all about indulgence, but I don’t know many women who don’t secretly worry about the Christmas weight gain.

This is a particular concern as we get older when losing the Christmas weight can take the whole following year! Our piece on emotional eating and being mindful of your diet will help you get through the season but diet is only half the picture.

It’s vital to work-out but, let’s be honest about it. Going to the gym with all those fit gym bunnies and sweaty grumpy muscle-men isn’t appealing. Neither is pounding the streets in the dark and damp.


Fortunately, thanks to the latest generation of at-home workouts, fitness can be fun (yes, really) so I took the chance to sit down with the gorgeous Maxine Jones .

Maxine is an aerobics dance instructor, who has teamed up with everyone’s favourite morning TV presenter Lorraine Kelly for her new DVD, Lorraine: Brand New You which is out on Boxing Day.

Hi Max – so how did you meet and decide to team up with Lorraine?

“She just turned up in class one evening, simple as that. At first, I didn’t recognise her face but recognised the accent.

“I thought to myself “that Scottish bird don’t half sound like Lorraine Kelly” haha She’s been coming ever since”.

This isn’t the first DVD you’ve done – what made you and Lorraine decide to do another?

“We had so many great success stories, we felt it couldn’t stop there.

“We knew it worked on a BIG level. To hear people saying they got into their wedding dress or that they’ve lost two dress sizes is heart warming and very satisfying.

“Quite often I had messages on Twitter saying how much they love doing it even after having had the DVD for 10 months!”

What makes this DVD so fun?
“There’s a few, first is the music, we got to use all our favourites, I always say ‘the magic is in the music’.

“It’s very important to me, it makes me come alive and then it’s just an energy exchange between me and the girls.”

“Second is my ‘Dance Floor Ready’ section. I don’t have time to do it in a real class so this was a real treat for me.

“I get to explain the steps, posture, form & technique at a slower pace so the viewer can get the most out if the class.”

To hear people saying they got into their wedding dress or that they’ve lost two dress sizes is heart warming and very satisfying.

What makes it different to the last one?

“It’s got more energy that’s for sure. The music is better than last time too.

“The ‘Dance Floor Ready’ section breaks down barriers, for all the people who think they have two left feet, no rhythm or coordination, this is for YOU.”

Do you have any tips for people who find exercise hard (like me)?

“For those with two left feet, it’s just a matter of mindset.

“If you keep telling yourself that exercise is hard, it always will be. You can follow us in the comfort of your own home, work at it, do one track at a time until you nail it, then move onto the next one.

“It’ll get easier, promise, and no one can see you but you.”

Have you always loved working out and keeping fit?

“Yes I have, I’ve always had a surplus amount of energy, even as a kid, I was in all the school teams for sport.

“When I went to work and had a sedentary job, I made sure I’d go to the gym 3-4 times a week, mostly to keep me sane and spend my energy.

“I’ve always loved to workout, I guess I’m lucky in that respect, not everyone does.”

Check back after Christmas for your chance to WIN one five copies of the DVD!

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