Perfect Winter Reading

The year is drawing to a close and a long, dark January is looming – but you don’t need to be depressed!

This is the ideal time to drag out the Christmas PJ’s, wrap up in a blanket and settle on the sofa to catch up with your reading.

Lyrebird, Cecilia Aherne



Queen of the quirky weepie, Cecilia Aherne is back with her most unusual, but we’d also suggest most uplifting novel yet.

The book sees 26-year-old Laura discovered living in the woods by a team of tv researchers.  Completely isolated, Laura’s mastered a very special gift that sees her catapulted through a reality tv series and into international spotlight.

It’s a funny, gentle and very engaging love story – consider it the one to devour in an afternoon sitting, whilst winter drags away outside.

Hurrah for Gin, Katie Kirby


Billed by some as the slummy mummies bible, this is less an advice book, more a truly entertaining look at the tour of duty that parenting can be.

As a generation of women rebel against the ‘perfect parents’ expectations shackled to them by authority and media alike, a few good bloggers are standing out as the ones leading the charge into reality.  Katie Kirby is one of them.

Her deep and abiding love of gin (shared by us we might add) is only one reason to like her.  This book isn’t Chaucer and it most certainly isn’t going to give you any clues to getting through the tough challenges, but it will lift you up while you do it, and make you laugh.

Her deep and abiding love of gin (shared by us we might add) is only one reason to like her.

Well worth a read for a giggle!

Pretty Iconic, Sali Hughes

Pretty Iconic

Sali is a renowned columnist and beauty writer for most of the major publications, and really knows her stuff, so it stands to reason this book would be a must-read for those who want to know more about the brands they love.

She covers over 200 iconic products, breaking past the ‘media’ hype to say which really work, and which are just fluff. The real magic of the book is Sali’s tone.

She honestly and frankly shares all the things you wish you could ask those women who always look amazing, without ever being intimidating or patronising.

Strictly Between Us, Jane Fallon

strictly betweetn us review

How far would you go to protect your relationship with your best friend?

That’s the question Tamsin asks herself when she ‘accidentally’ has sex with her best friend Michelle’s husband.   The resulting predicament unravels a whole web of deceit and manipulations affecting every element of both their lives.

It’s a fascinating book because no one, except the victim, gets to look truly good and there’s something hugely appealing about exploring another’s mistakes and flaws, along with their story.

We Are All Made of Stars, Rowan Coleman


Rowan has the most beautiful gift of understanding what the human heart is made of.  Love, and fear and knowledge, but mostly history and our ties to one another.

Her stories tie these binds together and weave themselves around you, drawing you in, until her characters become your friends, family and their journeys become personal.

We Are All Made of Stars is the very best example of this.  We meet Stella, married to a war veteran and running, literally and figuratively from all that brings.  Her work is in a hospice brings her into contact with others and she uses her experience to write their stories for them, allowing them one last chance to share with their loved ones.

One for a quiet weekend with a LARGE box of tissues!

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