Beat Brittle Nails at Any Age

“You know,” said Finty in a rather bemused way. “Charles actually wanted me to run my nails down his back while making love,”

“What did you say” said Jane, as she tried in vain to stop the corners of her lips turning up and breaking out into an over-exaggerated smile.

The thought of this rather erotic request from Charles, who was usually as uptight as a stick insect, made her want to scream with laughter.

“I told him that my nails were too fragile and the French manicure, which lasted longer than his love making, was not worth the risk of me breaking a nail.”

brittle nail repair

Weak nails are not uncommon, but instead of dealing with the cause of the problem, most women today often resort to fake nails, costing a fortune and never dealing with the underlying issue, instead often worsening them.

According to the Daily Mail Online, women in the UK spend on average £450 a year on nail care.

If I said to you that there is a way you can have beautifully strong natural nails, would you be interested?

I am not suggesting you forego your manicure (after all it is the best place to pick up the latest gossip, well after the hairdresser ).

According to the Daily Mail Online, women in the UK spend on average £450 a year on nail care.

The fascinating thing is that hair and nails are not dissimilar, as they are made up of the same substance, a protein called Keratin.

When a patient comes to see me, one of the first things I look at is their nails, not because I have a nail fetish, but because nails are often your bodies way of telling you that you have a problem. Weak nails are an indication of insufficient minerals in your diet, especially calcium and silica.

The strongest mineral is actually diamond, and whilst it would be lovely to have nails as strong as diamonds,  I am sad to say health stores don’t have the budget to stock these, so we will just have to settle for a cheaper, but no less sturdy alternative.

I am going to set you some homework, it’s okay, I promise this is not a geography report on tectonic plate definable boundaries, all it requires some nail varnish remover and a glass of Prosecco.

Why  Prosecco you may ask?  It’s to steady your nerves as you reveal the astonishing faults you are going to find beneath exposed finger-nails.

Have a good look at your nail, because every mark texture and contour is will tell you something about your diet, and why your nails may not be strong enough.


If they are you may also have some of the following complaints: Depression, weepiness, apathy, a bad taste in your mouth.You may also have muscle weakness, restless twitches and spasms. These are all symptoms of a mineral called Potassium Phosphate.

You may also have muscle weakness, restless twitches and spasms. These are all symptoms of a mineral called Potassium Phosphate.

The next one, and take a good sip of that prosecco before you read on.


I know you don’t have a fungal infection, but I just want to put it out there just in case as pitting, or small indentations in the nails are an indication of Potassium Sulphate, present during fungal infections.


This next mineral is one of the more common deficiencies I come across, and it’s called Calcium Phosphate.

This mineral deficiency also shares a nail sign with zinc, which leads to white spots on the nails and nails that can become soft and peel.


When I talk about clubbing, I don’t mean your daughter rolling in at three in the morning,

I mean flat and broad. So if you have clubbed nails, horizontal ridges, or inverted nails, this is all the result of a Magnesium Phosphate deficiency.

This is a particularly important mineral as a deficiency can also cause cramping, especially when your monthly cycle is due.


Lastly and by no means least, as these next two minerals are the foundation and building blocks of many cellular functions in the body (I promise you the chemistry lesson is almost over).

Silica and Iron, these two minerals when deficient will cause your nails to become thin, sharp, curl at the edges, or become brittle and have vertical ridges.

Now, unless you are keen to rattle louder than a snake, you need a simple and effective solution to manage these complaints.  My advice is to get a good multi-mineral that contains all of the above, and if you should like Finty be asked by a significant other to run your nails down his back, please be careful, because soon you will have the talons of panther.

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