Janey Says: Success? Go for it When You’re Young!

In the early 50s when I was born, it was generally accepted by society that a girl would marry.  She would have no need of an education and as for the rest of her life she would be ‘kept’ by her husband and stay at home forever looking after him, the house, and the children


I’m not going to knock this as I have known many people who were happy doing just that, and good luck to them.

The problems arose of course when the ‘others’ – myself being one of them – got bored with this and wanted to branch out and prove ourselves in the big wide world. We clearly needed ‘validation’ and for the majority a bit of stimulation and the extra cash was attractive.

One way or another, despite the obvious difficulties of sex, age,  and lack of education we managed ok.  We fought our way, and ended up doing well – but given my/our chance again, and given the benefit of knowledge  – what would we do differently, and what how would we prioritise our lives?

An interesting article I’ve just read says that the young are taking their futures very seriously.  Rather than just concentrating on being young and carefree – they are now more focussed on financial security – and buying a home is pretty up there too!

No longer accepting that marriage or even getting past 25 meant settling down and having children – they are now interested in the bigger picture and generally, their dreams and aspirations are thankfully achievable.

Unlike our pipe and slipper ancestors – where a pint after work and a bit of a belly by the age of 35 was regarded as normal – they seem to have the future mapped out in an informed manner.

Understanding that among other things – success these days is greatly enhanced by being fit – they slip off to the gym often before work – and pay great attention to their diets.

Climbing the career ladder and becoming their own boss is something they aspire to also, rather than the safe ‘ knowing where we stand in the pecking order’ and looking forward to the mantel clock when we finish at 65.

Driving a dream car – and having holidays in exotic locations comes pretty high on the list also – whereas having a family and getting married comes only at the mid 50%

So taking this all into consideration – well really it’s a no brainer…in my opinion they are bang on! We only get one chance, and the fact that they recognise that and consider how best to make the most of it is great.

I know post war that my age groups aspirations would have been ‘ more sensible!’  Safer – we would certainly have wanted to buy our own houses and then save for a ‘rainy day.’  I also know that having gone through hard times our parents placed a great deal of value in security.

This world is faster and riskier – but the fact that this generation are happy to overlook that – going out and giving it their all while accepting the spoils and the long hours – makes me very proud.

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