TESTED: We Tried ALDI’S Award Winning £10 Gin

…And we’re impressed!

Pretty bottles, botanical blends and less calories than other alcohols (hello wine), Gin is pretty much every woman’s friend, undoubtedly the reason it was referred to as ‘Mothers ruin’ in the fifties.

lime, cucumber, parsley cocktail, lemonade, detox water with ice cubes in a glasses on a white plate

With slimline tonic, elderflower in cocktails – there’s practically nothing it doesn’t work with.  Such is our love for it there are now entire festivals devoted to its fabulousness!

Last year, UK gin sales topped £1 billion, and last month its status as a Friday night must-have was confirmed when it returned to the Office of National Statistics’ Consumer Price Inflation Basket of Goods following a 13-year hiatus.

Aldi £10 gin

So we were intrigued when it was announced this week that gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) was a £9.97 Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin from Aldi, beating beat bottles costing up to four times the price in the blind taste test.

In our experience, no matter what awards have been won, cheap gin ALWAYS tastes like the beverage equivalent of old spice.  Sort of like white spirit mixed with knock off aftershave. Yuck.

But we are DELIGHTED to have been proven wrong.  In the interests of keeping you, or beloved reader, honestly informed we tripped straight off to Aldi to grab a bottle.

We’ve tried it with Slimline and Lime, Elderflower and Rose and a neat sip (phew).  And we are pleased to say it really does live up to expectation.  It’s nicely dry but not like ‘desert mouth’ dry, just pleasantly enjoyable.

The bottle is kind of gross – we love our pretty bottles… but there’s nowt to stop you say… pouring it into your empty Bloom bottle should you be of a nature to do so…

Looks aside, we’re impressed, as well as looking forwards to trying the other award winning spirits in Aldi’s multi-award winning (158 this year) range.

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