Janey Says: I Kissed a Dog… And I Liked it

I recently read an article about people, their pets, and their dependence on them.  NOT –  as you might assume, the pet’s dependence – but their human masters (or slaves if you believe the stats).

The article was based on research conducted by a rather upmarket animal food production company which produces food for properly posh pets.  It highlighted the fact that many people, for instance, kiss their cat goodnight, or take their dog with them to the pub, out to dinner even.

Some feel the need to FaceTime their cat during the day, and some (and I must say I wouldn’t fancy this because Ted’s a bit scabby) have their pets in the bath with them.

It made me subconsciously question myself as to whether it should it be considered ‘normal’ to have your dog on the bed with you at night – or right to want to ring home while away, to check that your pet was okay.

Now I regard myself as a normal, animal loving human being.  Having my dog jump on my bed occasionally for a good morning cuddle is one of my life’s little joys.

Him accompanying me to the pub is fairly jolly too – although the fact he rather violently objects to other dogs approaching him for a friendly ‘sniff of the nether regions’ spoils the fun – and causes me to admonish him publicly…for something I privately totally understand.

Having my dog jump on my bed occasionally for a good morning cuddle is one of my life’s little joys.

I feed him the unwanted steak from my plate using a fork as I don’t want messy fingers – and as for kissing him – well I love him, and simply can’t resist it when seeing me walk through the door throws him into paroxysms of joy!

So surely there is no ‘line’ – no cut of point of which ‘that’s okay, but that’s sheer lunacy’ – just a sliding scale of what we want to do…for ourselves.

Loneliness is rife.  We are a ‘have it all ‘society – when in fact we really don’t.  We’ve largely lost the feeling of community.

We live alone as having ‘it all’ means we don’t have to compromise our independence – and many people are easily able to support a comfortable lifestyle entirely without assistance.  This is how we were brought up –  or at least how we are brought up now.

All sounds wonderful of course but when you get back to your smart gated complex after a hard day slogging in the office – what better to greet you than a small furry creature, who really couldn’t care if your makeup has run, or if you’ve gained a few lbs.

It’s companionship; and the undemanding, unquestioning devotion of an animal is so wonderful – who cares if some take it to extremes?

It’s far better to come home to a sloppy, slightly germy kiss and a ton of unconditional love, than just a lonely bottle of wine.





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