‘I’ll Have the Viking Funeral Please”

Up until recent years, most of us knew that when our time on this mortal coil was ended, we’d either be buried or cremated.

funeralHistorically, burial was the most popular option, but as eco-concerns take over and space runs out, many of us are looking at alternatives.

In fact, 79% of us dislike the idea of being buried – citing reasons including being ‘lonely’ or even worse,  accidentally buried alive (31% worry about this – no natty bells to let anyone know in this day and age after all). 38% of those surveyed also disliked the thought of bugs and maggots eating their body (nice!).

The average cost of a funeral is £4,257  and cremation is £3311

As such, 59% of those polled say when they meet their maker, they’d like to go up in smoke.

A further 21% are keen on being cryogenically frozen and stored until medical science could bring them back to life in full health – should money allow.

When it comes to alternative arrangements such as donating the body, 56% are thinking of donating our organs to help saves the lives of others. 16% are prepared to donate their body to science, to aid medical training and research.

Worryingly though, 81% of us haven’t put any formal plans into a will, and four in 10 haven’t shared our wishes with friends or family.

And if you don’t tell them – then how will you ever get that Elvis impersonator at the service, or to be planted under a tree somewhere?

Maitham Mohsin, Skipton Building Society’s Senior Propositions Manager, which commissioned the study of 2,000 adults said:

“Imagine the scenario. Someone very close to you passes away, and at a time when you’re overcome with emotion, you find yourself also having to organise a funeral and have absolutely no idea what they would and would not want. That could all be eased by your loved one has made a plan for what they want in the event of their death.

“I’d like to encourage the nation to think about what they want to happen to them when the time comes and to share their wishes with their family. Far from being a sad or morbid thing to do, many find it’s often quite the opposite.”

It’s quite understandable that we haven’t had those conversations.  21% of us can’t face it and for many of us, well we just assume that isn’t going to happen.

But the day will come, and isn’t it a final gesture of love to take the burdens off our families and friends and make sure the only thing they must worry about after our passing is celebrating us?

*For anyone reading this, I’d like to be scattered from the top of Harrods please – I’ll cover all the lovely cars and designer clothes and laugh from eternity at the trouble I’ve caused!

Alternative ways to go out in style:

Become a Tree:

living urnLiving Urn turns your ashes into a biodegradable urn, ready to grow a beautiful tree.

Become a Diamond:

diamondLifegem will take the carbon from a portion of your ashes and turn it into a genuine diamond.

Go out in the Tardis:

tardis coffin

Be an eternal time traveller in a Tardis box.

Become Fireworks:

Heavenly Stars Fireworks will turn your ashes into sparkling, glittering explosions to light up the night.

Get Turned into an Album:


Image from Buzzfeed

And Vinyl will turn your ashes into a vinyl, with a song of your choice. Haunting!

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