Forget Hygge, We’re All About Romjul…

One should have been four years old in Romjula
when the Christmas lights were shining all day long
and the world was a house with four walls,
where the very bliss was a grandmother’s lap.

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If you loved the Hygge trend – a Danish term that details the idea of light, comfort and relaxation with the family that often typifies Christmas, get ready to adore ‘Romjul’.

Loosely translated as a time for rest and recuperation, it’s about getting some air and the opportunity to breathe, be it in a ‘let’s go for a jolly’ way or the infinitely more authentic Norwegian hike, replete with boots, pickaxes and a friendly local Viking.

The celebration is also about hibernation – yippee!  And loving yourself – double yippee!

This is a time for reconnection.  With family, the earth and yourself and if you need some additional inspo, Pinterest can represent a happy way to lose a Romjul afternoon browsing!

infinitely more authentic Norwegian hike, replete with boots, pickaxes and a friendly local Viking.

Technically it isn’t about possessions but for those of you who simply can’t survive without shopping, the tradition does make room for retail – apparently the Norwegians have quite specific etiquette rules around returning gifts and even special ‘Romjul’ sales.

Oddly, it’s something many of us do already without having a name for it, albeit in a more ‘That’s it, the jeans won’t do up, get out of the house now, go, go, go’ kind of way, as opposed to anything Nordically planned.

candles and joyYou could describe it as Christmas done mindfully. Rather than just survive the period till you traipse back to the school run, you choose to use the time to recover from the previous 12 months’ exertions and get ready for the next 12, giving yourself permission to work with your circadian rhythms – something good for us all.

You don’t need to spend a lot.  Just go for a traipse through the forest with the dog, get muddy and chilled, then get in the bath doused liberally with the ‘spendy’ oils, light that new Jo Malone and sink into the sofa in your new PJ’s with a cocoa – it’s the Norwegian way!

See you in the New Year all – have a good one!

Piece adapted from one Editor Kirsty originally wrote for Two Pretties Beauty

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