Bye Bye, January Face; Hello Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial

Korres Advanced Repair Sleep Facil

Sleep masks are definitely my current thing.  Admittedly, you don’t look sexy covered in goo but it’s so super-indulgent to slather your face in a richly-scented, unctuous cream before drifting off old-Hollywood style, only to wake up radiant and marvellous the next day*.

There is also a scientific reason why a sleep mask is a great idea for your skin – regeneration occurs at night.

That means that while you’re catching your Zzzzz’s, your skin is hard at work removing toxins, turning over cells and pumping your complexion full of the nutrients it needs for the next day.  It’s another reason why falling asleep without taking care of your skin is such a big mistake, although we’re quite sure none of you would do that…

Enter the utterly divine Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial.  Delivering miracle moisture via rose oil, mega-hits of hydration with Hyaluronic Acid and super skin brightening with vitamin C, not to mention fin-line filling Linoleic Acid.

I’ve been using it since Christmas ended to repair some of the signs of over-indulgence, and now, in mid-January, when I normally look pasty and grey, my skin is definitely more refined and hydrated.

The smell is the nicest thing about this product.  It is rosy, but not heavily floral, just fresh and like the stuff they use in the nicest spas.  It’s also 95% natural and packaged beautifully, so the whole experience is very ‘luxe’.

Editor’s Tip: Ramp up the effectiveness by using it as a treatment – simply drape a warm, damp Muslin cloth over your face for two minutes after applying to encourage deeper skin penetration.

Price: £20 – £26 which we think is extremely reasonable for a product that works

Best Suits: Normal to slightly dry skins.  Very dry skins should try layering with the Korres Facial Oil.

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KORRES Wild Rose Sleeping Facial 40 ml

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