Shouting Against Loneliness

As many of you know, loneliness is an issue close to my heart, and something I am passionate about helping women overcome.

I hear from a lot of people struggling with loneliness – mums, older people, and even students. It’s such a shame that in a world so connected, many are feeling more lonely than ever before.

A few months ago I met Emily, founder of MummyLinks and have been supporting her as Brand Ambassador since as I love what she is doing!

As I’ve mentioned before, her aim is to help mums to beat loneliness as she, like me, was unfortunate enough to experience post-natal Depression after the birth of her son, and we now know that loneliness can be a precursor to various maternal mental health illnesses.

As a new mum I found it terribly lonely. I had recently moved home away from the hustle and bustle of London (not that hustle and bustle necessarily makes you any less lonely!) to a home mid way between my then husband’s work and my parents.

Unfortunately this meant I wasn’t close to anyone I knew. And back then baby classes were few and far between. Being so alone got me really down, and I was diagnosed with PND, and I also struggled with Post-Natal Anxiety.

It wasn’t until I happened to be out walking one day and saw another mum with a dog and a pram across the park that things started to change. I bounded over to her and introduced myself. It was super scary, but it was the best thing I ever did as we are still great friends now 30 years later!

So I completely understand the need for having mums going through the same experience as you, close by, to support and encourage you. And you them! That is why when Emily told me about MummyLinks I was so keen to support her. If MummyLinks had been around when I was a new mum I would have found it invaluable, and I know many mums now do. To have played a part in this makes me so proud.

As a new Mum I found it terribly lonely.

Anyway, at the end of the month it will be the second Maternal Mental Health week, and as she did last year, Emily will be launching her #ShoutieSelfie campaign.

(Emily’s pic last year)

It’s to raise awareness of PND and other maternal mental health issues, and to reduce that blasted stigma that still surrounds it. It’s such a shame that there is still such a stigma, as statistics now suggest that 1 in 3 mums struggle with their mental health after birth, and 1 in 4 during pregnancy.

So, I will be proudly joining Emily in her mission, starting on 30th April to shout about PND! I will be posting a rather glamourous selfie of me shouting (!) and posting alongside it some words she will provide about supporting mums with PND, and a little about why the campaign is so important to me. I would absolutely love you to join me in supporting her!

You can either email for more info prior to 30th April, or follow @MummyLinksApp on Twitter and Instragram and follow suit when it all kicks off!

The campaign was a huge success last year – getting maternal mental health trending within half an hour, and one million impressions in the first few days. I can’t wait for this year though as she has got a number of organisations and charities behind it and you might recognise a few faces besides my own 😉

So please:

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